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Kiss of Androgyny: vintage poster

Filed By Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | March 16, 2010 10:30 AM | comments

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A much-reproduced 1920's poster for Ramos-Pinto wines, titled "The Kiss." According to this article, the company continues to use this image on some of its wines today.


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I wanted to comment on the post about the "transvestic disorder" petition and the "dude looks like a lady" post.

This image, however, is the only one that makes any sense to me. I came of age at Woodstock and the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals. What the hell is crossdressing anyway? I suppose all those men in the court of Louis the XIV were crossdressing. Let's not forget the "fathers of our country" with their powdered wigs.

How is someone able to look at the face of a 41 year old person who is indistinguishable from the faces of several other women shown in a series of mug shots and use the expression "crossdresser" in relation to her when there is not even a stitch of clothing in evidence? Is her face not part of her body? Gender it. Sex it. I don't care which word you are more comfortable with. I know which one is less disingenuous. I know what I come up with when I look at her face and it ain't "crossdresser", much less dude. Who knows how she feels about what is between her legs. If it looks male, then she has mixed sex characteristics - simple. We don't know how she feels about it or what she would do about it if she could.

I can't believe anyone would fancy themselves as knowledgeable on topics such as transsexualism without understanding just how demeaning the term "Gender Identity Disorder" is, anything about Kurt Freund, James Cantor, Kenneth Zucker or Ray Blanchard. I wonder how many people here have listened to what Larry Summers has to say on the subject of gender identity.

I wonder how many people who post here know anything about the Lawson Wilkens Pediatric Endocrine Society, the Chicago Consensus, "Disorders of Sex Development", John Money, etc.

ENDA for who? My license and passport say I am female. Is the woman I am married to suffering from gynadromorphophilic disorder, just a lesbian or just simply attracted to me as a person. Is Ray Blanchard simply suffering from hellenologophilic fetishistic disorder? I know what my answer is.

I think I am going to sign the petition Kelly Winters is circulating. BTW, I am not homosexual, bi-sexual, heterosexual, a liar, a human research subject who was examined by some Nazi from the CAMH. Last time I checked, I am a human being.

Love it. I wish I could find that wine.