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New video for "Telephone"

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Here's the new semi-lesbianic video for Lady Gaga's and Beyonce's "Telephone." Mary Elizabeth Williams called it out for its over-the-top product placement, but I'd say it's more a synergistic collaboration between several corporate products: Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Lady Gaga, Wonder Bread, Beyonce, and, most bizarrely, Miracle Whip. It's not like Gaga and Beyonce are pure artists being put to shill products in a sexy music video, but more that each brand's own cache rubs sexily with every other product. I wouldn't be surprised if Miracle Whip paid more to get in than the other brands.

From a sexuality standpoint, I give it a "meh" as well, since the lesbianism is obviously just there to make straight boys drool and it's given a complete "Well they're in prison" (a straight male fantasy if ever there was one) excuse so that Beyonce can still be read as straight.

At least Diet Coke and Virgin cell phones are cool products; Miracle Whip isn't exactly sexy. Stephen Colbert made fun of their attempts to rebrand for the youth of today with sexy irreverence (are we going to be subjected to "Sammich FAIL" ads?), and that's after the jump.

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