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The actual death threats come from the right

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After watching the Prop 8 trial and any attempt to make the identities of people testifying in a court of law more public were thwarted by the right arguing that the gays could get overly nasty and mean, these voicemails left for Bart Stupak should put things in perspective. While they're dealing with abortion and health care and not gay issues specifically, these are generally the same folks who think that they own the country so they can tell everyone else what they can and cannot do.

Just imagine what they'd be like if the health care reform actually expanded women's access to reproductive health care. This is what they're like when abortion isn't restricted enough. Scary.

Audio after the jump.

Also, here's a parody of Sarah Palin's call to "reload" and target Democrats who voted for health care reform.


A companion Facebook post threatened a full-blown nuclear "Sarahpocalypse" to "take back" America.

The Facebook post urged Palin supporters to consider the benefits of decimating certain sections of the country to achieve a return to founding values:

"With the most pro-abortion president in the history of the world 'transforming' our country into an socialist abortion-lovers' paradise and installing abortion vending machines and death panels on every corner, our country is being 'transformed' in unwanted ways. It's time for Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America to take a stand.

"Now some might say exploding nuclear bombs on non-pro-America parts of America is a drastic solution. I say you can't make a pro-America omelet without literally breaking some anti-American eggs and frying up some elitist bacon."

While many reacted to Palin's proposal with shock and horror, others seemed nonplussed:

"I don't think it's particularly helpful," President Obama said. "But we'll continue to reach across the aisle and try to work with Republicans in a bipartisan way. That's clearly what the American people expect."

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Wait a minute, isn't Stupak the guy who passed an amendment that no subsidies could go to insurance policies that include abortion (essentially guaranteeing that no policies will cover abortion)? Other than outlawing abortion, what else could they have expected from him? Is there something else the healthcare bill does around abortion? Because as I'm reading it, it was a major victory for anti-choice folks.

What surprises me -- or perhaps not, all things considered -- is why we're not seeing these death threats being taken seriously by the FBI. While understandable, it was bad enough when Capitol police refused to arrest the folks who were shouting racial and sexual slurs at Democrat congressmen and -women and threatening them with physical harm... something that I thought was, you know, against the law.

And now we have Palin using nuclear bombs and gunsights while a prominent member of the Tea Party is calling for destruction of property.

I'm sorry, what will it take to rein these people in? Is someone *prominent* going to have actually die before anything gets done?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | March 26, 2010 10:58 AM

The process of deep poltitical polarization is being driven by a shattered economy and involvement in a spate of unwinnable wars.

Slowly but surely the Republicans, with Democrats in tow, are moving right. Part of that process is the emergence of a bold, lawless hard right that has contempt for the two major parties and their 'democratic' pretensions.

Reminiscent of Nazis in Germany and Mussolini's Black Shirts, the new American Right isn't playing by the rules - they revel in being audacious and violent know nothings.

For now they're not large enough or organized enough to be a danger, but that can change quickly, particularly if a fuehrer type appears.

It's unlikely that the Obama administrtion, like Hindenburg and the right centrists of the Weimar Republic, will take them seriously or take comprehensive steps to supress them and their violence.

That job will have to be taken up by trade unions, ourselves and others on the left and in groups threatened by them. We have a long history of doing just that in the US.