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The tea baggers aren't libertarians

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The police are saying that they'll be investigating the death threats that canceled Corpus Christi at Tarleton State University this weekend. They received quite a few, and they're not releasing them all, but this message gives you an idea of the sort of person who was so mad about this play that they were willing to threaten violence against the people who were putting it one:

The Socialist anti-Christ groups as well as the homosexuals and lesbian community will be the brunt of an out-pouring of unabated hatred that may well dwarf the present attitude toward the murdering Muslim fanatics.

They're tea baggers! Because apparently now putting on a play by a gay Christian about trying to reconcile those two identities is the same advocating a specific economic system that almost no one in the US advocates.

Of course, tea bagger talk has to be translated, and "Socialist" really means "I don't like this and it shouldn't be allowed to happen because I don't like it." Soon enough, these people are going to label certain flavors of ice cream Socialist because they don't like them.

I hope the myth that the tea baggers are apolitical independents who are mad about Obama's expansion of government and also about the Religious Right taking over the Republican Party that they're going to start a new type of conservative politics focused on tax breaks that rejects moralizing.

Local rightwing media are saying that they oppose all violence:

Stephenville-area residents who had spoken out against a public performance of the play said that they, too, oppose any violence or threats.

"We've got to fight the good fight of faith," said David Harris, who co-hosts a Christian radio show. "We don't go around threatening to hit people and blow people up and burn people out. That would be totally against the Christian teaching."

That's easy enough to say. But give these people five minutes without thinking about how humans are going to respond to their words, and stuff like this comes out:

KURTZ: Well, ,you know, at a time when there's this great debate about threats against Democratic -- mostly Democratic and some Republican lawmakers in the health care debate, I stumbled upon something you wrote about a Washington State controversy in which you said, "At what point do people march down to their state legislator's house, pull them aside and beat him to a bloody pulp for being an idiot?"

Now, I assume you were being metaphorical, but some people might react differently to that.

ERICKSON: You know, the left tried to blow that one up, and I've written subsequently about that with a legislator in New York who wants to ban salt in restaurants. And I think the point is valid. The left may not like it.

I'm a local legislator myself, and I am afraid and have been since that time that we're reaching a point where reasonable people are just going to get kind of crazy with government intrusion in their lives. The particular case in that situation was Washington State banning phosphates from dishwasher detergent.

Beating people "to a bloody pulp" for taking away dishwasher detergent with phosphates in it? A play about a gay Jesus must be worth murder, then!

Not that not doing the play is going to appease them. The school will still have to pay somehow for its insolence in thinking that people should be free to perform whatever play speaks to them. They'll just pick a new target.

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They are rational either.

But they are racist