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Video: Pastor 'No Homo Mayor' Sapp Spews Hate against Out Florida Candidate

Filed By Waymon Hudson | March 26, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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I posted earlier about Dove Ministries, a church in Gainesville Florida known for jumping into the political arena with buckets of crazy, putting up a sign in front of their church that said "No Homo Mayor." They are referring to Mayoral candidate Craig Lowe, who advanced to an April 13th run-off against an anti-equality candidate Don Marsh. Lowe was the chair of the successful campaign to stop the repeal of the Gainesville Human Rights Ordinance, which included sexual orientation and gender identity & expression.

Well the pastor of Dove Ministries has released a video ranting against Craig Lowe and the LGBT community in general. It's painful to sit through...

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Sapp's rant includes such gems as:


Here in Gainesville, they're getting ready to have a run-off election between two candidates, and one of them is openly a homo, gay, fag -- whatever you want to call him. We got one running for mayor of Gainesville, trying to convert Gainesville into Homoville. We can't have it.

The senior pastor of Dove Church, Rev. Terry Jones said all videos put online that feature Pastor Sapp or himself have been endorsed and approved by the Dove World Outreach Center church. The video had originally been posted to youtube, but was removed for violating terms of service. Questions are also being posed to the state about the church's tax-exempt 501(c)3 status after flagrantly wading into politics.

This is simply the latest in the insanity and hate being slung at Lowe. There have been mailers, fliers, and signs posted about him, using homophobic and transphobic slurs and attacks. That's why he needs our help.

Lowe is a real leader and advocate for our community and for all fair-minded people in Gainesville and in Florida. Anything you can do to help him, whether it be give a few dollars, show your support on facebook & twitter, or spread the word and shine a light on the atmosphere he faces would make a huge difference.

Lowe's opponent, Dan Marsh, is on record saying he wants to "repeal the transgender bathroom ordinance", so we know where he stands on our issues.

I refuse to let these nasty attacks and the people behind them win. We can rally behind a good candidate and help him prevail so we can protect the human rights ordinance and the large LGBT community there. A Lowe victory would also have a huge impact on the young people attending the University of Florida in Gainesville, helping create an atmosphere of acceptance and equality for a whole new generation.

Watch the video again. That's what we are up against. That's why we have to continue to fight.

Click here to donate to Craig Lowe's Campaign.

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Thanks for continuing to spread the word Waymon. Craig is the most qualified candidate. Not only does he have Equality Florida's endorsement and grassroots support, he's collected an impressive and diverse list of supporters including the influential Alligator newspaper.

Anyone interested in volunteering (you don't have to be in Gainesville to help) let me know [email protected]

OK...there it is. Where is the IRS. This "pastor" clearly has violated the IRS code that prohibits tax exempt organizations (churches) from politicking. TAKE AWAY THE EXEMPTION TODAY! I'm sick of it...

Is it this church? I keep on wondering what's up with Gainesville!

Americans United for Separation of Church & State has filed a complaint with the IRS ( http://www.au.org/media/press-releases/archives/2010/03/irs-should-investigate.html ). I suspect the Lowe campaign will continue to get out the real facts about Craig - that he's the best candidate and his sexual orientation is irrelevant. He will be a great mayor.

Seriously, Gainesville is a very progressive and liberal community. But as cities and communities move to the left or right the opposition tends to be more... energized and polarized.

Personally, I love it here and never feel threatened or in danger because I'm gay. We are still in the South, but our local laws are about as LGBTQ/equality-friendly as they can be within the confines of FL state law -- in no small part because of Craig's work on the city commission.

I guess I'm feeling a little defensive here about Gainesville because I don't want people to think it's a city of crazy zealots. Far from it. But we can't sit back and assume the crazies will stay home on election day....

I think a lot of Florida is that way. There are progressive enclaves, but they are peppered with Bible-Belt minded ultra conservatives. When a community begins to move in a more progressive direction, the fundie nutjobs just get louder and more visible.

Gainesville is a great town and a much needed bastion of equality in north Florida. That's why we need Craig Lowe to win to help keep it that way!

Well, it's hard to imagine that a university town like Gainesville would tolerate such bigotry as that...but I hear you. Florida is packed with the some of the craziest baptists outside of Texas!!

Indeed! We do not tolerate it. We shall show our intolerance of hate and bigotry by electing Craig Lowe our next Mayor.

If Craig Lowe wins the campaign, I am moving to "Homoville", Gainsville, FL!

Mathew Equality Martin | April 1, 2010 12:36 PM

"Love your brother as you would love yourself"
This is supposed to be a teaching of Christians everywhere. He speaks of hypocritical practices. He says that the churches that are not opposing to the 'homo mayor' are hypocrits take the statement that I started this comment with and tell me who the true hypocrit is.

What An Angry Spew From A Very Confused Person -- So Christian; So Loving Towards Others!?
Good Luck [Future] Mayor Lowe -- Do Not Let The Ignorance Of The Few Prevail.