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Congrats Number Four!

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The ts- earline budd.jpg2010 International Foundation For Gender Education (IFGE) Capital Conference started yesterday and will be running through the 25th.

IFGE is a long time iconic organization in the trans community. It publishes the quarterly magazine Transgender Tapestry, does education on transgender issues through an annual conference hosted in different regions of the country (and once in Toronto) some lobbying, and maintains a store that sells trans themed books.

IFGE also gives out an annual award that recognizes the heroes and sheroes of the transgender community called the Trinity. The honorees can be trans or cisgender allies, and there are usually three people that comprise the Trinity honoree classes.

The 2010 Trinity Awards luncheon happened today, and I want to take a moment to congratulate the members of the Trinity Class of 2010, Earline Budd, Laura Calvo and Jennifer Barge.

Earline also made a little history today as well.

In the two decades that the IFGE Trinity Awards have been given out, there have only been three African-American transpeople who have won it.

The first to do so was Dawn Wilson in 2000. Dr. Marisa Richmond became the second African American Trinity winner at the 2002 IFGE Conference held in Nashville followed by a certain native Texan picking hers up at the 2006 IFGE Conference held in Philadelphia.

Dawn, Marisa and I jokingly call ourselves Numbers One, Two, and Three for the order in which we picked up our Trinity Awards.

Now we have a Number Four.

Ironically Earline is not only picking her well deserved Trinity exactly ten years after Dawn, the ceremony is taking place in Alexandria, VA, as well.

Earline has been an iconic leader in the Washington DC area TBLG community, and has been fighting for social justice, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and homelessness issues since 1989.

All of us inside and outside the beltway have much love and respect for what this native Washingtonian has done for the community, and are overjoyed she has finally gotten the Trinity for her work that she deserves.

Congratulations, Number Four!

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Congrats! Nice to see people being recognized for the work that they do and the leadership they provide. I hope that she is pleased by her recognition.

Lynn Miller | April 24, 2010 10:33 AM

I am happy for all three women. I've often seen Earline Budd mentioned in news articles about HIV in DC. Her honor is well-earned.

Congratulations to all the awardees. I am so thankful our community has these wonderful activists working for equality.

Dan O'Neill Dan O'Neill | April 24, 2010 12:48 PM

Earline is a indispensable advocate for transgendered rights in the DC community and beyond. She tirelessly works to help stem the spread of HIV, serving as a voice for some of the most disenfranchised in the TLBG community. I'm glad to have learned from her unique insight and experience on many of these issues. She has definitely helped to shape countless youth into more empowered individuals that will stand up for the rights of themselves and their community. - A well deserved award.

I'm delighted to see Earline getting her due, and congratulations to Jennifer and Laura as well.

I voted for #4 because she deserves it, and has for years. Let's nominate an African American brother next time.