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Drag Mainstreamed: Rupaul's Tyra Sanchez Interview!

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Editors' Note: Peter and Alex are Bilerico-Indiana contributors. They recently scored an interview with RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Tyra Sanchez that we thought we'd bump over to the main site since it would have general appeal. The show's finale is Monday night on Logo; Sanchez is one of the final three contestants.

After our interview with Ongina from cycle one of Logo's Rupaul's Drag Race, we thought it would be interesting to interview one of the girls from this season. We chose America's sweetheart and diva Tyra Sanchez. Here's what she told us!

1. What is your drag name and is there a story behind how you chose your name?

My drag name is Tyra-Symone Sanchez. Tyra means God of Battle. And when it comes to competition, arguments, or debates I will battle until the fight is won!

Symoné comes from Raven Symoné. Sanchez is the family name passed from Fabian Sanchez to Stasha Sanchez to Angelica Sanchez & finally to me!

2. Who are three celebrities who are your role models and have helped mold your image?

Beyoncé, Raven Symoné & Wendy Williams

3. Who are three people in your daily life who have helped mold your image?

Roxxxy Andrews, Jasmine Bonet & Nicole Luv Dupree

4. Do you think you get beauty, brains...or can you have both?

I think you can have both beauty and brains! Lol I'm living proof of that!

5. Why do you refer to yourself as "America's Sweetheart"?

I refer to myself as America's Sweetheart because I'm truly a sweet person. I'm there for you whenever you need me. I loveable, huggable & kissable! Lol not to mention I'm very goofy/ditzy at times and at other times well I can come off a little bitchy.

6. So far, what has been your greatest learning experience as a result of being on Rupaul's Drag Race?

My greatest learning experience is that I learned that not everyone will view you in the same way. Some people will live!!! And others won't! But don't live... Because Tyra is to die for!!!

7. If you were the first Drag President of the United States, what three laws would you change?

Though I don't smoke, I would legalize marijuana. Allow same sex marriage.

8. Do you believe in love?

I do. But I have yet to experience true love.

9. Any thoughts on same-sex marriage?

Honestly it doesn't bother me, but i do feel as though you should be able to marry whoever you want. Be it guy or girl.

10. You have won several pageants...What pageants have you won and what are your titles?

  • Miss Dumarr International 2010
  • Miss Ebony South Carolina 2009
  • Miss Orlando Pride 2009
  • Miss Sweetheart Newcomer 2009
  • Miss Elite Newcomer 2008

11. In mainstream beauty pageants, most contestants must support a cause or have a platform...what would your platform be in a beauty pageant?

My platform would be to display my talents & creativity.

12. What are three movies that have greatly impacted your life?

Lol movies don't GREATLY impact my life. But they do inspire me to act. Sooo I would say

  1. Titanic
  2. Precious
  3. Set It Off

13. If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life and it couldn't be a mixed CD what would it be?

Beyoncé Dangerously In Love (2003)

14. Three television shows you watch consistently?

Criminal Minds, CSI (LOL All of them!) & The Vampire Diaries

15. Myspace or Facebook and why?

Lol neither! Though I have them both, the extra apps that they've added now can be a little annoying. So many request for like kisses and hearts. Like what is that???

16. Three greatest female illusionists in the last 20 years?

Tyra Sanchez, RuPaul, Niesha Dupree

17. Last book you read or a book you are currently reading?

Lol I hate reading! Well I hate reading books, but I could read a couple more people. Lmao!

18. Your motto for life...

When you do what you have always done, you'll get what you have always gotten.

19. You have mentioned that you have a son. What would you tell him if he came to you as a teenager and told you he wanted to be a drag queen?

As a teenager I would tell him he needs to worry about his education first! The drag would have to wait!

20. Boxers, Brief, Panties or nothing at all?

Boxer briefs! I like to be free but still put away.

(To read more from Alex and Peter, visit their home blog, The Boys of Raant)

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Not at all a fan of Miss Tyra. And some of these answers are horrid! He needs to open his horizons!
Pandora was so much better!!!

If nothing else... he's a boring interview. No kidding he doesn't read.

The show bores the crap out me.
Drag was fun in the nineties when we were all figuring ourselves out and the lines weren't so clearly drawn. If I want to watch drama between gay men, I'll watch "Queer as Folk".

Darya... I thought the same thing about drag in the 90s... which was basically just a copy of the drag scene from the early 1980s at the Pyramid Club in NYC (where Ru Paul first became known performing with people like Larry T and the Now Explosion). Drag is boring... the S.O.S., and it's long since lost any of its artistry and transgressiveness. Moreover, its iconography is copying women who are copying drag performers (like Lady Gaga or even Beyonce, who ripped off people like ballroom queen Leiomy). Cannibalizing the cannibalizers... that's a dead end. And drag/"female impersonation" in the south is mostly third-rate dancing while lip-syncing some Beyonce tune while picking up dollar bills like some stripper. Where's the creativity or artistry? No wonder its ended up on VH-1... it IS that boring.

"Although I find Tyra beautiful both in and out of drag. Beauty Fades... Dumb is forever." -- Brock... you are SO right!

Tyra is FIERCE! ; ) I think she could win because she has grown in the show and hello??!!!....her clothes are AMAZING! Love those costume changes!

when did u get those implants

When I started watching I was rooting for Pandora, Jessica, and Tyra, and now that Pandora and Jessica have been eliminated I'm all about Tyra. She has a really subtle, often self-deprecating sense of humor that I don't think everyone gets:

7. If you were the first Drag President of the United States, what three laws would you change?

Though I don't smoke, I would legalize marijuana. Allow same sex marriage.

LOL! Plus she always looks good no matter what.

I also liked the time when the other queens were complaining about how they couldn't get married and then Tyra started singing over their conversation and wouldn't stop. Seriously, someone had to lay down the law.

Although I find Tyra beautiful both in and out of drag. Beauty Fades... Dumb is forever.

What strikes me about discussions about RuPaul's Drag Race is that...there is no discussion. Sometimes it goes to a "good" or "bad" deadlock. Boring question (to me). For me the question is: What does drag mean for queerness, independent of the weekend club shows and pageant seasons? A lot of the queens talked about drag as art. Well, that's cool, I agree. But is that politically valuable? A(n)estheticizing a once-radical practice. I don't think that RuPaul's Logo show can answer those questions but it does provide insight into the micropolitics of some aspects of drag/trans issues. Why give Tatianna so much flack over giving realness all the time? Why emphasize a specific form of sexualized glamour-camp-realness over Pandora's specific packaging of late 80s humor? What is the underlying norm which led to Tyra winning over Jujubee and Raven? For me, drag is an escape (which shows my own privatizing tendencies toward bougie leisure time) and Tyra gives no Calgon commercial realness. I'm repping team Juju.