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One wonders what the new version of the three Rs will be now.

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I got busy and forgot to comment on your earlier posts, but I really liked last week's "History of Doc & Raider" posts, Sean. They really helped fill in some gaps.

Seriously, they always go after education first. I know a lot of people who think that more women in politics would get temper the male instinct to cut education first (and wars last). I don't know if I agree since there are plenty of women in politics with messed up financial views, although Democrats who hate social spending while hypocritically increasing defense spending trend male.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 20, 2010 8:49 AM

Another winner Sean!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | April 20, 2010 9:17 AM

The three R's are being replaced by "spell check, grammar check," texting, and hand held calculators.

I had a conversation yesterday with a 25 year old at my gym at the sauna in a room full of 50 year olds. He was a 25 year old Masters Grad from Austria who was no fool at all, will shortly begin his internship in a hospital in Austria, but had never learned to multiply, divide do fractions or add and subtract in his head.

I asked him how he could function if he did not have any idea what a product cost per ounce or gram when compared to another product.

He tested me. "OK, what is 15% of 180" and I immediately answered 27. How do you know that is right?" he asked, "Because 10% of 180 is 18." He could not connect that 3 X 9 is 27.

I then tested him. "What is 12 x 12?" He responded 288. I immediately asked him if I could sell him something. The other 50+ year old guys in the sauna laughed their heads off.

Technology has changed the way we think, but it has made us functionally illiterate when the power goes out. I also suspect that the portions of our brains that were used for higher functions are being effected and not in a positive manner. People in America wonder why Koreans own and run their own businesses within a generation of arrival in America. They know practical math is the answer.

Now, why don't we close a hell of a lot of foreign military bases and invest in educating everyone under the age of 40 in what they should have been taught in the 4th grade if not before? Reading, writing and arithmetic not only teach us a skill they actually teach us how to think and problem solve at the sensory levels of our brains.