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George W. Bush comes out

Filed By Joe Mirabella | April 01, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Rumors about former President George GeorgeBushKiss-thumb.jpgW. Bush's sexuality were confirmed today when he announced that he is indeed gay, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel relieved to announce that I am a very fortunate homosexual man."

The former President was inspired by Ricky Martin's coming out earlier this week. "I'm a big fan," the President told reporters, "I thought if Ricky can do it, so I can I."

Asked if he regretted his attempt to restrict marriage to one man and one woman with a Federal Constitutional Amendment Bush said, "I do. I was pressured by people who knew about my encounters with a certain blogger. They said if I didn't push for the Amendment they would out me."

Bush began to cry, "Other than the Iraq war, destroying the American economy, and No Child Left Behind, it was my biggest mistake."

Laura Bush could not be reached for comment. Sources close to the former first lady told Bilerico that she is "relieved and didn't really like the man anyway."

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I wonder if there is any tie-in with the Toyota/Vatican alliance I read about at our website? Curiouser and Curiouser.

Joe Brokken | April 1, 2010 4:19 PM

I knew it! He never looked at Laura like a strait man would. That's because he's gay.

Frankly dear April Fooling Fooler, I don´t think the LGBT world would be that receptive to welcoming a greedy idiot, moron and rich-boy good-for-NOTHING smart ass´s not good for our image.

Some people you just don't want, it's true.

Rings true, he did have an affinity for the word "fabulous," after all:

Yea. He is gay! He screwed so many people of all sexes that he has to be gay!

Honestly, I always thought that George senior was a closeted homosexual. He seems a little too Lindsey Graham if you know what I mean.....