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GOProud's political ad

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 15, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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GOProud has produced a political ad. There are gay tea baggers, dammit!

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The central issues of the Tea Party are (1) cut government spending, and (2) cut taxes. (Some would say "fiscal responsibility in government" fits in there somewhere, but I find it difficult to align paying off the national debt with cutting taxes --- and that says pretty much what I really think about the Tea Party, they have trouble staying in touch with national financial realities ... But I digress ...)

There is no reason why LGBT people can't be in favor of reducing government spending and/or minimizing taxes. So why the big surprise about there being gay Tea Partiers? It's not that different from the false claim that people can't be gay and Republican at the same time. (Like Jews that invited the gestapo over for afternoon tea, remember how many men were gay and Nazi at the same time during the Third Reich?)

Re AJ Lopp. And how many ended up in the camps?
I suggest you read some more about the fate of most homosexual men (not women) in the 3rd Reich. It was anything but a tea party. Paragraph 175 was on the books until 1969. If they survived the camps, they were treated with disdain by the victorious allies. Those in regular prisons stayed there since it was illegal to be a homosexual, practicing or otherwise.

Some Jews bought stock in the company that made Zyklon B.