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"Is homosexuality a problem in need of a cure?"

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This video's pretty amazing - CNN just let exgayologist Richard Cohen present his scientifesque theories that gay people can change to straight if they just beat pillows hard enough in a news segment. CNN's Kyra Phillips challenges him a little, while running a photo of his straight family and letting him lie about other people's studies (Robert Spitzer actually didn't find 200 people who changed from straight to gay).

They should sign this guy up as a commentator. He seems about as within the spectrum of not-crazy as Erick Erickson, and with CNN's ratings slipping they can't risk losing the next Glenn Beck.

Rachel Maddow's interview with Richard Cohen, which is a bit more combative, is after the jump.

Update: Michael Jensen got a statement from CNN:

By bringing this story to the fore, we engage various advocates from all sides. This story does not end here and CNN will continue to explore other views and positions.

I can't work up a temper over this. This is just too stupid. They're tacking to the right because that's where they think the money is. Too bad no one wants to watch Fox News Light.

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Kathy Padilla | April 6, 2010 3:47 PM

For his studies to have any validity wouldn't they have to include three groups?

Gay people receiving treatment designed to make them become staright, straight people receiving treatment to make them become gay and a control comprised of both gays & straights who received no treatment. I'm sure funding could be found for this.........ahem.

Lets come out with it. This guy is fishing for funding for his research/treatment program. This is why he does not wish the law in California changed. All the time while he's being put on the Television he is gathering support for his position, making it appear creditable, which in point of fact it has pretty well been debunked many times over. One need only look at the passage sited in his book calling anyone who is Gay to be something like 19 times more likely to be a pedophile. Frankly this guy and others who think like him are a large part of the reason why many of us who read this site are still treated as second class citizens. He can claim to speak from a position of "love" for the LGBTQ community but the fact is he is just speaking repackaged hate.

This pisses me off to no end. Were Klan members featured in the Black in America shows for their point of view? So why is it still acceptable to promote idiots like Cohen who spout nonsense and pretend to be scientist-lite?

Wendy Wartes | April 7, 2010 1:10 PM

The public doesn't realize that there is a American Association of Pediatrics and then there is an American Association of Pediatricians. The latter is basically Cohen's group. He quotes them hoping that everyone will think he's quoting the former. They are not one and the same, and their size is vastly different, as are their aims.

truth2power | April 7, 2010 2:09 PM

I think it's long past time to BOYCOTT CNN. They are becoming absolutely unbearable lately with their lies and propaganda, and we don't have to take it anymore, just as we don't have to take FOX's lies and continual PROPAGANDA! Let them BOTH start hurting a little bit with reduced ratings. It might do them some good.

I'm kinda surprised that I haven't heard of anyone discussing this subject from the angle that ex gays are more than likely ex bisexuals.If indeed they are bisexual then it wouldn't be all that far fetched for them to be able to adopt a purely heterosexual lifestyle.If you listen to Richard Cohen he states that he always desired to marry a woman, to me that indicates bisexuality not homosexuality.Also if he bases his positions on his own bisexuality he would confuse homosexuality with it thus allowing him to assume being gay is a choice. Has anyone proposed such a hypothesis?

Richard Cohen is a nut...he preys on people who are ambivalent and/or suffering. He is a sexual predator.

And another thing...Richard Cohen is self-loathing and that drives his crusade. Marrying a woman and having children, as we well know, is common among gay men and certainly does not change their sexual orientation. And credentials? He has a Master of Arts degree in counseling. He reportedly was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association because of ethics violations. Does he have a license to practice anything in any state? Or is he violating the independent practice laws of the various licensing jurisdictions of the U.S.?