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Is the GOP's Scott Rigell Another Ken Cuccinelli?

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As a number of articles have noted, since last November GOP political advisers have been lauding the McDonnell/Cuccinelli strategy of campaigning: pretend to be a moderate - even if one is a radical far right extremist - and avoid social issues if possible until after elected. Then the faux moderate can show his or her real colors.

In the race for the 2nd Congressional District of Virginia where incumbent Glenn Nye has a number of would-be GOP challengers, the currently preferred candidate in the GOP primary appears to be wealthy car dealership owner Scott Rigell. Unfortunately, Rigell increasingly looks to be a potential Ken "Cooch" Cuccinelli style Christianist.

Rigell has long ties to the Pat Robertson elements of the Christian Right in the Tidewater Virginia area. Perusing Rigell's campaign website it looks amazingly much like Bob McDonnell's did and even talks about "I will serve every part of our community!" But on closer inspection, it be comes clear that Scott Rigell would serve you only if you belong to a particular part of the community. And gays clearly have no place in that community.

Repeated requests that I have made to Rigell's campaign staff for a clarification of Ridgell's position on ENDA and the repeal of DADT have gone unanswered. Equally telling, the page on his website dealing with "family values" is something that The Family Foundation might have written (who knows, maybe it did). Here are some highlights:

As a nation, we must support legislation that will reaffirm marriage and family life as the foundation of a healthy society.

Over the last decade we have seen an assault on the institution of marriage and our core family values. In 2006, I was proud to have joined a majority of Virginians as we voted to protect traditional marriage in our state Constitution.

It is time we have public servants in Washington who will promote a culture that values life and protects the most vulnerable amongst us, at the beginning of life and at the end. That is why I am proudly pro-life.

Frightened yet? He's not a fan of comprehensive health care reform either (never mind that "highly regulated" system's like that of France rate far better than the broken system - that only works well if one is wealthy like Rigell - and cost less over all). Here's Rigell's take on the issue:

Americans are deeply concerned about the cost of health care and access to affordable medical insurance. However, a reform that would create another over-regulated government run system, an approach already proven ineffective in countries around the globe, is not the solution.

If there is any question on Rigell's Christianist agenda, I suggest that one go to the website of Rigell's church where he is very active and involved in the leadership:

Church and Society. Biblical social commandments and Christian ethical principles are foundational to the well-being of every society.

Marriage, . . . God has instituted marriage to be a life-long union of husband and wife, intended for their mutual joy, help and comfort; for the procreation and nurture of godly children.

Human Sexuality. Sexuality is inherent in God's creation of human beings in his image as male and female. All Christians are called to chastity: husbands and wives by exclusive sexual fidelity to one another, and single persons by abstinence from sexual activity.

This sounds remarkably like Kookinelli's agenda and seems to further confirm that if elected, Scott Rigell will likely be another Bob McDonnell/Ken Cuccinelli Republican. The last thing Virginia - or the nation - needs is an elected official blinded to objective reality and the rights of other by their personal far right religious dogma.

While the incumbent Democrat, Glenn Nye has been a huge disappointment, should the choice come down to Nye or Rigell, the message is clear that we don't need any more religious extremists like Cuccinelli and Rigell in elected office.

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