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[PIC] Liberal Teabaggers Emerge

Filed By Bil Browning | April 30, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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That most rare of all beasts, the liberal teabagger, has arrived. Like the Biblical locust, these creatures only emerge rarely and in response to a tyrant's decree unfairly targeting a minority people originally welcomed to the country to serve as cheap menial labor for the ruling class. Notice that these are fully mature specimens as they show off their plumage - complete with Nazi references and misprinted words - in an attempt to get attention.


Liberal teabaggers, of course, only drink organically grown, free trade chamomile tea.

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Are we suppose to provide a tag line with this photo? How about:

"Welcome AZenophobia, then land of the suppressed and the home of those who live in fear."

"Momma, don't let yer cowgirls grow up to be Nazis."

Do you think they're married, lovers, or just dating? :P

A. J. Lopp | May 1, 2010 12:05 PM

I think this is a Latino-looking man holding a sign with an Anglo-looking Arizona cowboy. Yes, the clothes they wear are part of their message.

Obviously, they are friends ... or at least they each respect the other's right to exist.

It's a visual version of Rodney King's famous plea, "Can't we all just get along?"

Can I just point out how awesome the people's fashion is in this photo. A cowboy and a punk, holding a sign, wonderful. It makes my frumpy nerd self go all goey inside.

I may draw some fire for this but here goes. I believe the Arizona law is a reaction to the poor job the Federal Government does in maintaining the boarder. While I do not think that discrimination is acceptable based on racial profiling, I do think that our Federal Government has frustrated many in the states boarding Mexico by their apparent lack of interest in maintaining the security of that boarder and making it easy for undocumented, illegal immigration across that boarder. We should be asking why they allow that to continue? Is it because they wish to drive down the wages of working class people by allowing for a class into the country that are allowed to work pretty much without any of the protections normally available to workers? Is this being done to increase the profits of those who hire such workers, to keep the price of goods dependent upon such labor cheaper, or both?

I am against any discrimination based on pretty much anything. I am for legal immigration into this country. I am even for making it somewhat a straight forward process to immigrate. What I am not for is open, unenforced, boarders that allow for anyone who can find a deserted stretch to walk across into this country. I am not for the creation of a subclass who can be taken advantage of because they have come into this country by questionable means. I am in favor of stiff penalties for those who knowingly hire undocumented aliens. If the federal government did it's job I would guess most of this would not be an issue today. The Fed spends billions upon billions of dollars for all kinds of things many of which are questionable in there purpose, instead of securing the boarder which is one of the fundamental duties they should be doing!

While I do not find myself in much agreement with the Tea Party people who I feel by and large are misguided frustrated people whipped up by the talking head super Right Wing Republicans like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and the rest of that bunch of wing nuts, I do think we all need to take some what of a closer look in our Government in general. Far too much has been done with little or no regard to what is right for everyone, just what profits some.

Are you against the discrimination that makes it difficult and expensive for Latin Americans to get work visas in the US?

Are you against the discrimination that makes it easy for employers in the US to exploit and abuse undocumented workers?

What exactly is the problem caused by Latin Americans crossing the border to work in the US?

You do realize many of the illegal aliens pay several thousand or more to be smuggled into the US.Bil I'm gonna stick my neck out here a little and ask did anyone check the liberal tea baggers papers? After all liberals do support illegal immigration and having illegals do the jobs their to lazy to do.Holding that heavy sign might be to much for for two liberals so it would seem plausible that there illegals.

And why do they pay coyotes that much when they could get work visas?

There must be some reason that coyotes seem more appealing or accessible.

Hi Amy, nice to meet you again. It's not that Americans are too lazy to do those jobs, it's that those jobs don't pay enough and the conditions are terrible. Americans are just too accustomed to having rights and freedom.

There are people working 40 hours a week and it's not enough to get them out of poverty. Being unemployed and living in poverty makes more sense than working your ass off and living in poverty.

The Japanese American internment camps in 1942 would probably be a more fitting analogy.

Nice to meet you again Grrrl Romeo talk about jobs people consider horrible I'm a three year Infantry Vet.Joining the military is a path to citizenship illegals can do openly unlike us in the lgbt why aren't they taking it? There is also big differences between the Japanese internment camps and deporting someone for breaking your immigration laws.As for the people who don't want to work and live in poverty isn't it just common sense that if you remove the competition that the illegals create for these jobs the wages will go up.There is also another side to this as well that affected me what about Americans in good paying skilled trades that have seen their wages decreased or their chances for work dried up because of illegal immigration.We have 16 million unemployed Americans and an economy that may be looking better but is still far from recovered.Considering this doesn't it make sense to limit the amount of work Visa'a issued? All that talk of a path to citizenship or amnesty does is encourage more illegal immigration.This problem isn't new that's why it is a problem that must be dealt with in a way that prevents it from continuing to happen once and for all.For all this talk of show your papers now, why no anger at a national id card or is it only okay to profile Americans?

If you want to raise wages, then raise the minimum wage. It is perfectly within the government's power to regulate wages. In fact, it already does.

If you want to stop drugs from coming over the border, legalize marijuana and tax it. Then use that money for drug abuse education. If undocumented people living in the country is a national security problem, then grant them amnesty and a path to citizenship.

If Americans aren't willing to take jobs that don't provide health care benefits, universal health care would solve that.

Illegal immigration is a symptom of several problems we are unwilling to solve because it's easier to dump our problems on marginalized people.

And yes, I am opposed to the National ID card. I am unwilling to give up American liberties for the purpose of keeping illegal immigrants out. And so I see solutions to problems that don't involve detaining people just because they fit some stereotype.

Having the Government raise the minimum wage does nothing to combat illegal immigration or solve the problem of to many imported goods.Deindustrialization is a good chunk of the wage problem,deficit, and immigration issue.More jobs equal higher wages through demands for workers and would allow for increased immigration and taxes for the federal government to put towards the deficit.I smoked plenty of pot and and even inhaled when I was younger.Yet I don't support legalizing it because through my past experience with pot I learned that it isn't the innocent drug people claim that it is.If pot is legalized those that grow,transport, and deal it will just find something else to do with just as deadly consequences.Like push cocaine,heroine,prescription pills,etc etc etc

If we know an a person working full time at minimum wages still leaves them in poverty, that is the only reason needed to raise the federal or state minimum wage.

In the real world, what happens with minimum wage jobs is there's a high turnover rate. And as they require few skills, employers would rather just deal with the revolving door of employees than raise their wages as it only takes a day or two to train new people. They simply do not care if an employee work's their butt off, or comes in late repeatedly with a hangover as the former will pick up the slack of the latter. And wouldn't you know? The employees that work their butt off in minimum wage jobs are typically the folks that have difficulty landing a job to begin with due to discrimination in the hiring process.

You missed my point with the pot. By legalizing something it can be regulated, taxed and it's use discouraged...just as we do with tobacco and alcohol. Making some behavior illegal doesn't make it go away, it just makes it go underground and harder to track and requires more law enforcement, lawyers, judges, prisons and detention centers on the tax payers dime.

Liberals and conservative Tea Partiers may seem to agree that the government is spending too much money, but the disagreement is what we spend the money on.

Arizona is going to waste state and federal money detaining and checking the status of legal aliens and citizens because the law is too broad. Paranoia breeds crappy legislation.

A. J. Lopp | May 1, 2010 12:17 PM

The main beef of the Tea Baggers is that they fear that the US government is spending its way into bankruptcy. This is not an empty fear, because it is possible for it to happen --- in fact, it is already happening in Greece, and Spain and Portugal are not far behind.

I agree that our country should not spend itself into bankruptcy. So, whether I am a Tea Bagger or not is a matter of how much debt I estimate the US can handle. The Tea Baggers think we are falling over the edge, and I think we are about two feet from the edge. So that two feet separates me from the Tea Baggers --- on the surface.

But the subtext of the Tea Baggers is purely political --- they want to blame the national debt on the Democrats. In truth, the national debt is a sin we have all played a part in, and blaming it on one thing --- Iraq and Afghanistan, Medicare, Social Security, the Wall Street bailout, the new health care bill --- is ridiculously over-simplistic.

But the US cannot pile up infinite debt, and in that sense, yes, I am a liberal Tea Bagger. And I would guess that financially savvy gay Democratic leaders, such as Andrew Tobias and David Mixer, would agree with this concept.

A. J. Lopp | May 1, 2010 12:20 PM


Liberal teabaggers, of course, only drink organically grown, free trade chamomile tea.

Wrong. We dring green tea. And we brew our own, because we can't find a commercial brand that is unsweetened.

Willem van Oranje | May 1, 2010 11:55 PM

It's very fitting that the sign comes complete with grammatical errors! Like this one:

"If are not blonde and have blue eyes ... be aware"

As a furriner, I can spot three errors in that sentence alone. How many more are there?

I don't think we can have a proper discussion of anything political without calling one side Hitler. A real debate would come down to deciding which side is more like Hitler.

Anyway, Hitler actually didn't like immigrants much at all, and he was all up for profiling people to find out if they were part of an undesirable class. I think we win this debate.

Alex if you read world war 2 history you will see that Mexico allowed Nazi's into their country and it gets pretty deep.Also look at Mexico's immigration laws and treatment of South Americans.