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Marisa Demeo confirmed

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Marisa Dameo, who's openly lesbian, was confirmed marisademeo.jpgto the DC Superior Court by the Senate after a year after they got out from Jim Demint's grips. Demint's gripe?

A number of Republicans had concerns and asked me, as chairman of Steering, to ask for limited debate and a recorded vote because of a history of very leftist activism. There are just a number of things that don't look like a fair-and-balanced approach that you'd like in a judge.

Fair and balanced? Cat's out of the bag, Demint; we all know that's code for "rightwing." And the TVC specifies exactly why the right had a problem with her:

As an open, radical lesbian, Demeo has openly condemned the effort to amend our Constitution to protect marriage as a one-man, one-woman union. Demeo supports gay marriage, claiming it is a constitutional right. She also claims that LGBT individuals are equal to racial minorities and can claim protection as minorities under our civil rights laws.

As a DC Superior Court Judge, Demeo would be in a key position to undermine our national security and destroy traditional marriage through her edicts. The DC Superior Court is known to be a steppingstone to the Supreme Court.

Demeo's radical lesbianism, anti-marriage, anti-national security views are dangerous to our nation. She should not be confirmed to the DC Superior Court.

They don't really say which of her views are "anti-national security," but I'd be surprised if she actually believed in limiting executive power considering the Obama administration's positions on those issues.

The problem with her for the TVC and Demint was that she was gay. Which is a whole lot more honest than William Gheen, who thinks that if he acts completely homophobic but says every now and then that he doesn't care about gays that that'll show us.

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Would I be considered a radical lesbian and a danger to national security?

And is the DC appellate court actually a stepping stone to the USSC?
Is anyone on the USSC actually from the DC Superior Court?