Bil Browning taken down by LDS hackers?

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Tags: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hacker attack, LDS, masturbation, Mormon, owner Paul Jackson e-mails that the controversial porn site was taken down last week by a hot_mormon_boy_a.jpghacker attack that originated out of Salt Lake City. The site is back up and running now and Jackson is looking at the bright side of the ugly religious attack. In an e-mailed statement to Bilerico Project, Jackson describes what happened:

I had a pretty crazy week last week. MormonBoyz was first hacked Monday evening a week ago (the 19th). I've been talking with my programmer and it appears that there were many attempts. All of the hacks, including those that were successful, originated out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm told the attacks were quite sophisticated.

I guess I'm not terribly surprised, considering the threats and outrage I heard two and three weeks ago.

In order, here's what went down:

Jackson's e-mail continues after the jump.

  1. After working great for three weeks, the site downloads stopped working
  2. On Tuesday the ability to give a cash hi-five to MBz (donate) was eliminated
  3. By Tuesday night the MBz internal mail server was knocked out. That meant that the "contact me" form was broken entirely
  4. When we looked into it, turns out the back-end code for the MBz "Want to Model?" page was altered
  5. On the 27th, the entire MBz database was deleted temporarily shutting down the site.

It's important to note that no member data was compromised. I store zero member data on my server. All membership information and payment details are managed by my reliable 3rd party payment processor.

I was annoyed last week, and then shaken up a bit today. Now that I've restored the site and implemented new backup and security measures, in retrospect I have a sense of humor about the situation.

Like I said, there's a bright side: I've been able to identify and patch several possible security issues. I now have several redundant backups in place. I almost feel like saying thank you to the religiously indignant perpetrators. Although they won't bring an end to hot Mormon missionary action (or even the upcoming man-on-missionary action), they have been an excellent security-vulnerabilities QA team.

While there was some outrage that I'd posted some saucy pictures from the website when it launched, thankfully no one has tried to hack us over it. Since Ephesians 6 tells us that the "Armor of God" includes the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the boots of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, maybe the Book of Mormon includes the black hat of religious hysteria?

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Good story, and one of the reasons I put the swastika on Utah's star too, in my update of the American Civil Rights Flag of 2010.
See. my Wall photo.


In your correspondence with Mr. Jackson, have you asked him whether his description of his site is accurate? It seems to me that a lot of this controversy can be contrived in order to generate traffic. When I visited the site (for research purposes only of course) I noticed that one of his models had tattoos, which are not allowed by the LDS.

Color me skeptical. I'd like some evidence from this guy that he is really using Mormon models and that he has really been subjected to Utah-based harassment.

I forgot that the Armor of God scripture fails to offer much in the way of real clothing. If god didn't want us to see his soldiers naked, he would'fe at least offered them a loin cloth or maybe the jock strap of abstinence.

I hate to poop on the fantasy but this guy doesn't use Mormon Missionaries. They might not even be Mormon dudes. The only thing Mormon about them are the underwear they use and the name tags. I'm familiar with the church and it's members and none of this adds up. This guy needs to realize that no one really cares what he's up to and stop playing the 'woe is me, I'm being persecuted' card.

I think was hacked again. The site's images and background haven't been loading properly for quite sometime. The entire site's almost impossible to navigate.