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Nor'easter Brewing: 5 Northeastern Reps To Call On ENDA

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Do noreaster.jpgyou see the signs? The sky is getting darker, the wind is up in the Northeast, and the clouds are rolling in.

There's a cold front in DC. Congressmembers have put up their shutters, and no one's talking. It's coming soon, they say. Yup. In the House.

Well then! What better time to batten the hatches, make yourself a hot drink, and call your Representative? There are 5 in the Nor'east who are unconfirmed, meaning that they haven't said one way or the other yet. There's good reason to believe they could be yes votes. So light the fire, pull on a cozy quilt, and give them a call!

Names, district maps, sample script and a cup o' snark after the jump.

Two weeks after return from Easter break -- no real communication from the Hill, just Rep. Frank's "this week or next" snippet, but nothing scheduled yet, oh and yes, Rep. Jared Polis's incredibly awkward attempt yesterday to keep GetEqual activists quiet by suggesting that transgender people are the reason why they haven't moved on ENDA yet. And the invasion of the Traditional Values Coalition talking points in the mainstream media, while our advocacy organizations sit by and let them. Nothing from the Hill really except the whistling wind.

But put those dark thought out of your mind! Question not the Great Wizard of Oz! After all, 200 organizations just signed a demand yesterday to move ENDA now. Instead, if you're from the Northeast, check out whether you're from these fine districts. (Click here if you're from the sunny South for your list.) Give them a call and ask for ENDA, HR 3017, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

If you're not from their district, figure out which of your friends are, and call to ask them to ring up their Representative.

Here's the list, with some info about their positions.

* You can reach them at (202) 224-2131 (or toll-free 866-220-0044). Direct dial and local office numbers listed below.

* I ask that only people from their districts call, because now's crunch time and they need to hear from constituents.

* Click on name for email, click on District number for a map

* Here's a script of what to say if you want one.

New Jersey (NJ)
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11) 202-225-5034 973-984-0711

New York (NY)
Bill Owens (NY-23) 202-225-4611 518-563-1406

Pennsylvania (PA)
Kathy Dahlkemper (D-03) 202-225-5406 814-456-2038

Jason Altmire (D-04) 202-225-2565 724-226-1304

Jim Gerlach (R-06) 202-225-4315 610-376-7630

(You can check out Reps from other places here.)

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Forget Frelinghuysen, he's a total DINO and worse.

When ENDA was on the table in '04, Maggie Stumpp, a GRAANJ member and (I believe) Frelinghuysen's constituent, flew down to DC specifically to meet with him about it. When she got there, she discovered that Rep. Frelinghuysen had decided to start his weekend early, had blown off the appointment, and was already on a train back to New Jersey. In his place he left a staffer to take the meeting who had no experience or familiarity with trans people or issues.

I'd also point out that Frelinghuysen represents one of the most conservative districts in New Jersey.

Just fair warning...that's the attitude you'll be dealing with.

Wellll, Rebecca, yes but. As my mother used to say, if you don't ask, you don't get. We don't need Frelinguysen, strictly speaking, but we would like to have him, and one never knows when a politician is suddenly going to see a personal interest in a bill.

I think we should take the attitude never say die.

I understand, Jillian, and I completely agree. I'm just saying don't expend a lot of effort in the hopes of winning this guy's vote. I'd bet there are are Republicans who are more likely to vote for ENDA than this so-called Democrat. Miracles can and do happen, but they don't happen very often.

Stonewall Girl Stonewall Girl | April 23, 2010 12:28 AM

Becky, Yes, Rodney is a Republican! Actually there is some hope for him, but we do need his constituents to keep calling and visiting!

Yes, you are right on about him crapping out on Mara and Maggie years ago, but Lynda Frank has met with him and a bunch of GAAMC members and PFLAG parents have been meeting and there is reason for encouragement.

I had a conversation with Dahlkamper's communications person, Marie, and she confirmed that Kathy is solidly behind ENDA. She cited that in 2008 Kathy had publicly stated this in a questionnaire for the Erie Gay News. I wasn't sure why she was listed as "undecided" in this story, so I didn't know what more to ask from her office. I think the Erie Gay News questionnaire ought to be online, or could be requested from Mike Mahler, the editor.

Rebecca, Frelinghuysen IS a Republican, not a Democrat.

Is he? I swear I thought he was a Dem. There aren't a whole lot of Republicans in the NJ legislature. Not surprising, I guess, given his treatment of Maggie Stumpp.

You're right, Monica, he is a Republican. My mistake - I've corrected it. Good catch, thanks.