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Safe spaces mean exclusion

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"In 1977 NAGAAA was founded as a private organization with the mission of fostering a safe place for Gay/Lesbian softball players to play and compete in softball. We believe that team sports can offer opportunities for personal enrichment, and a sense of community that is not available otherwise. It is not unlike other groups whom choose to organize around a commonality such as the African American Softball Assoc., or the Native American Indian Softball Assoc. Our group recognizes that in the arena of team sports, homophobia is still all too common. Almost daily it seems, one hears or reads of another gay bashing, often resulting in fatal outcomes. These tragedies serve as a reminder of our mission to provide a safe place for Gay/Lesbian players to enjoy competition while not compromising their true identity."

--NAGAAA responding to charges that they kicked bisexual African Americans out of the league

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It doesn't make sense. A homophobic person wouldn't want to join a queer softball league anymore than a white racist would want to join an African-American league. And I would trust straight allies to honor the rules if they're truly allies.

Wow I'm sorry, but I just looked at the Instruments of Governance on their website and under SOFTBALL CODE section 7.05 "Player Eligibility - Heterosexual Players" it says their teams are allowed 2 heterosexual players.

I am just stunned. Heterosexual players are alright, but not bisexual players? Or maybe bisexuals only count as 1/2 a player? Did that team already have 2 hetero players so they decided to kick the bi players out?

At least they are blunt about their erasure of Bisexual people, and their enforced hegemony of boys only/girls only.

I like how they gloss over the fact that they held court, and *voted* on these people as being not gay enough.

Completely ignoring a very real cultural aspect that none of those sitting judgment were even aware of.

People will get this sooner or later...

This is reprehensible stuff... Quite frankly, I think straight folks should also be allowed to play on this team. A baseball diamond is not a sexual arena; despite anyone's fantasies. How can we plead for inclusion in this nation's 'fabric' if we don't practice same?!