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Steny Hoyer says vote is coming on ENDA

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Add the majority leader to the list of Democrats saying a vote is coming on ENDA:

Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer signaled Tuesday that the House is likely to consider legislation this year banning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, saying the proposal is not as controversial as it once was.

Hoyer said most lawmakers already are on the record on the issue because the House passed similar legislation in 2007 to bar employment discrimination based on sexual preference. "So it's not like this is a new issue for the members," said Hoyer, D-Md.

It's not, but then now's not the time to get cocky. The issue was just as stale last year as it is this year, and there's really no reason this shouldn't have already been passed.

Jillian Weiss told us yesterday that there's an official whip count going on right now, which means that the House leadership is serious about a vote occurring. Which is good, considering Democrats might lose the House in the midterms.

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Wilson46201 | April 14, 2010 2:20 PM

ENDA can very well pass in the House, only to die in the Senate (again)

The Straight Old White Xtian Male Powerbrokers giveth and they taketh away. From the same source article:

“[Hoyer] said LEGISTLATIVE ACTION [to repeal DADT] WOULD AWAIT RECOMMENDATION FROM THE PENTAGON. .... House leaders are NOT planning to tie changes to don’t ask, don’t tell to the defense authorization bill, Hoyer said. ‘I don’t know what the time frame for dealing with that will be’."

TRANSLATION: We will sit on this until "The Study" is released December week after midterms...when we will sadly announce that any chances for repeal are dead.

Everyone agrees that including it in DEFAUTH is the only chance repeal would have. AMERICAblog reported this morning:

"[We] were just informed that the White House congressional liaison office is telling US House members not to include the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell in the Defense Authorization bill, and not to have a vote on DADT on the House floor, this year."

Out of the blogs and into the streets.

just wondering. wouldn't Enda take care of dadt?

There's a special exception in ENDA for the military. Of course!

I've heard troubling things about the possibility of having full trans work rights removed and seen some nasty Barney Frank quotes. Anyone know how the latest version is holding up?

Last I've heard no one has seen the actual language yet, but according to Barney Frank it will preclude mustaches and dresses (presumably meaning MTF/FTM ok, but "genderfuck" isn't protected) and situations where people with different genitalia are forced to get naked in each other's presence. As to what that actually means in a practical sense, who knows...

Cat your probaly seeing things that happend the last time this came up and the Transfolk were removed at the last minute.Which is why many of us dont realy trust the House not to pull yet another fast one on us again and pass a GLB only bill if they think it will pass the Senate.

Politics is a contact sport with no rules.

Rebecca if Barney had his way no one who ids as preop would be part of any rights bill.It would be postops only and C/D folks forget it.

Politics is a contact sport with no rules.

Barney Frank will do whatever is possible to be done politically. He cannot pull rights out of his butt. He is not a lobbyist or an activist. He is one gay congressman of three, and 435 total.

And he is the one who will be honest with gay and trans people about what can and can't pass and what needs to be done. And then he'll get crapped on. But as the left-handed gay Jew, he's pretty much used to it.

Just dump all your problems on him like everyone else does. Oh yes, the right also blames him for the housing collapse and the downfall of the economy.

I wonder how it turns out the longest serving gay member of congress is to blame for so much...