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Sunday Funnies: Colbert vs Ricky Martin, GOP & Faux Lesbian Bondage

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There were some funny LGBT-themed videos this past week! Let's get right to the satire!

First, Stephen Colbert tackles the shocking revelation that Ricky Martin is Gay! Colbert's tubetop alone is worth it.

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Ricky Martin Is Gay
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Stephen dismissed the rumors that Ricky Martin was gay back when he was a local anchor at WPTS Patterson Springs.

More after the jump...

Next, Jon Stewart skwers the GOP over "Bondage-gate".

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2 Girls 1 GOP
Jason Jones, Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver discuss faux lesbian bondage-themed strip clubs while sitting on top of each other.

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I love the Ricky Martin & Steven Colbert video.

It's not just the lesbians that are faux, but Republican opposition to sexual immorality, homosexuality, etc., that's always been faux and proven time and time again.