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Tea Bagging Extravaganza! Tea Party Joins with Truck Nutz for Cross-Promotion!

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In a merchandising move made in heaven, the Tea Party Movement has teamed with Truck Nutz, the company that makes faux testicles to hang from the bumper of trucks, to create Tea Nutz. It seems that the move came after the movement leaders met with Michele Bachman, who bought a pair for new Senator Scott Brown to hang from his truck. Bachmann thinks the move makes sense:


It shows that we really have the balls to stand up against the socialist, communist, nazi agenda of Obama and his Czars!

The Tea Party leaders plan on releasing a line of "patriotic" nutz to not only hang from their trucks, but also from their signs, hats, and clothing. They also plan on creating a line of Tea Nutz jewelry.

They are even debating how to attach a hitler mustache to the Tea Nutz without making the nutz "too on the nose", according to one Tea Party Leader.

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Sarah Palin, the darling of the Tea Party, also found the Tea Nutz cross-promotion to be a good idea:


You know, I can see Truck Nutz from my house. Now Todd plans on hanging Tea Nutz from his Snow Machine!

Here in real America, we know a lot about Tea Bagging and Nutz. They go hand in hand.

One Tea Party Leader wanted to be clear on few things about the the Tea Nutz:

Get it straight. We ain't fags or nothing. And we won't sell black ones.

pl.taxday.272.cdb.jpgThe Tea Nutz will be sold through the GOP website and in Fox News infomercials. Glenn Beck loves Tea Nutz, he told Bill O'Reilly in an interview:

I'm afraid for my country. Citizens need to rise up and defend America by giving the Democrat/Communist Party a shot right on the chin.

Tea nutz have already been pre-released to some conservative leaders. Scott Brown was seen spit-shining his Tea Nutz on the back of his pickup truck in DC while Florida's Charlie Crist watched with interest. Crist, never a favorite of the Tea Party, had this to say to the local paper:

I really want to get my hands on those Nutz.

Indeed, Charlie. Indeed.


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Juston Thouron Juston Thouron | April 1, 2010 1:39 PM

Hey Waymon, I doubt the Teabaggers know that Truck Nutz also make lighted ones for gay clubbers to fondle in the dark.

Bet the Teabaggers wouldn't like 'em so much then.

Joe-Allen Doty | April 2, 2010 7:25 PM

The lighted truck Truck Nutz are funny. They also work with turn signals.

Of course the left nut hangs lower and when the left turn signal is on, the left nut night blinks. And the right light blinks for the right turn.

The regular turn signal & Brake lights work as usual.

Scott Brown had to hide his nuts from Rachel Maddow - he's afraid she might kick them. Big Bad Scotty Brown, soldierman too, 'fraid of little Ms Maddow in her steel toe boots.

Behind his brave soldierman exterior hides a wimp. How come he never served in Iraq or other bad places since he's a member of the National Guard? - 20 yrs too. He pull a Bush? Tsk, tsk.