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That's boring and gay

Filed By Davina Kotulski | April 12, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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Really? Did Tina Fey really need to say "That's boring and gay?"

Some are upset over the twisted SNL skit Fey did with a 16 year old singer, but I fell asleep before it came on. But, Fey offended me in another way before I fell asleep. She was playing a character who said "This is so boring and Gay," referring to a golf game. Really? Couldn't she have stopped at "This is so boring?"

I'm really sick of comedians who say they support gay people, yet continue making many gay jokes. I'm sorry Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Tina Fey, I really admire your intelligence, your wit, and your advocacy, but what you giveth with one hand, you taketh away with a stupid gay joke.

Video and more after the jump.

Thank God, we've advanced past the mainstream comedians of the past like Mel Brooks and Eddie Murphy who openly used the word "faggot," (see History of the World Part I) but continuing to say "that's gay" and equating the word gay with something bad or stupid is not helping the cause. These insidious jokes hurt us, even if it's just a little SNL skit.

Perhaps it would have been better to do a joke about how the Catholic church is blaming child molestation on gay priests in the hopes that no one will get upset with the fact that straight priests are molesting little girls. How about a skit about how the Catholic Church goes out of its way to create the belief that pedophilia and homosexuality are the same thing.

I urge comedians, especially my hero comedians; Fey, Colbert, and Stewart, to think twice before they go for the easy gay-joke-laugh.

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Considering it's part of the character's persona, I'm willing to give it a pass. It's not like Stewart using it as part of his fake news; it's from a clueless "escort". If anything, were I a sex worker, I'd probably find the portrayal more offensive than the use of "gay". But how far do you go before you've strained all possible offensive humour out of something?

Tina Fey is NOT making a gay joke. This is the opposite of a gay joke. In this sketch, the words "boring and gay" are coming from a character who is, significantly, a racist and not very bright. It is this character -- not Tina Fey -- who is "equating the word gay with something bad or stupid." There's nothing anti-gay in this sketch; in fact, if anything, it is sympathetic.

Judas Peckerwood | April 12, 2010 7:56 PM

You're kidding, right?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are two of the most effective queer rights advocates out there -- head and shoulders above most of the alleged "leaders" of national LGBT groups. I get the impression that you're missing the satire and irony.

I was not offended the slightest. It was simply part of her character's trashiness. If you watched the video, you would have noticed that she made a racist joke too. The whole comedy was supposed to center around the fact that the normally boring golf broadcasters invited one of the girls Tiger Wood's slept with to commentate and it turns out to be a huge mistake because she says insane things.

have to agree with the comments here that Tina, and Colbert/Stewart get a pass...we have to know who are allies are, and each of these individuals have "had our back" numerous times...this is not 'hate speech', this is comedy.

having NO sense of humor is not what LGBT equality is about...Tina was in character as a 'not very bright', kinda slutty, and low-class stripper/homewrecker.... the "boring and gay" comment fit the character perfectly.

if anything, I'd think you'd be upset about how the skit portrays women as vapid and slutty...but again, can we keep our sense of humor while we work for our rights? It's gonna be a 'boring and gay' world if we can't...

I think you're being way too sensitive about this- as the comments above have stated, those comedians have made their support for the GLBT community very, very clear, and Tina Fey herself has used her show 30 Rock several times to talk about gay marriage and adoption. Her record is clear, and mocking one of her character's stupidity by use of this sort of humour is very far from a joke made at the expense of gays. Try appreciating humour for what it is more than what you're worried it possibly could be because this is far removed from the sort of damaging gay joke that you have obviously chosen to interpret it to be.

I wasn't "upset," but it did make me take a second glance back at the TV and think, "Really?" I'll admit, I was disappointed that an ally would use that line. It could have easily been cut from the scene; there's other ways to signify that the character isn't bright or is trashy.

"I urge comedians, especially my hero comedians; Fey, Colbert, and Stewart, to think twice before they go for the easy gay-joke-laugh."

Comedy is subjective. One person's laugh is another person's offense... and it is called art/acting/stage for a reason. Impossible to please everyone all the time and we as LGBTQRXY&Z "community" need to stop worrying over who is stepping on our petticoats all the time.

We as a LGBTQRXY&Z "community" offend tons of people and w/in our own "community". We seriously are not THAT delicate are we?