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The case for porn

Filed By Bil Browning | April 28, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Shirtless YouTube hottie Davey Wavey makes the case for porn.

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He makes some good points, but it'd be nice if he kept his arms and hands still for a few seconds. The breeze coming off my computer screen was a Force 3.

:: sigh ::

Look, let's treat porn for what it is: fast food sex. It's not a "celebration of the human body". That's art. That's erotica. That's not porn. Porn is meant purely to get you off so you can move on to more important things... like vacuuming the rugs or feeding the cats. You dont look at it and think "My, what hath God wrought!" You look at it and think, "Whoa. This is gonna get me off in record time!", which, afterwards, results in much the same level of satisfaction as a burger from That Scottish Restaurant.

And I speak with a certain level of inside knowledge of the industry. When Steve and I moved to SF, one of my first jobs was providing voice overs for porn loops -- truly, the level of "Gee, sure is... *hot*... in here..." Davey's claims of how wonderful porn can be fly full in the face of its intended purpose, so let's not make it into something it aint, folks.

If I want to celebrate the human body, I'd rather it be in person. Not on video.

I am happier with my life since I have become adult. I disagree with Davey and Bil. Porn is fastfood trash, like Cheetos, Chips, Mars and MormonBoyz. No redeeming value, and yet we eat it. Sure, most of the population feeds on it, that does not give it value, and just because someone agrees with you doesn't give your thoughts clarity.