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Wait, Charles in Charge is still alive?

Filed By Alex Blaze | April 22, 2010 12:30 PM | comments

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Here's a bizarre celeb story about Scott Baio (I'll admit to having to look him up on Wikipedia when I read this one, but I do remember Charles in Charge).

Last week he tweeted some rightwing elitist bs about the lazy folks who are just leeches on productive people like him. You could almost hear him whine: "Why can't all these losers who want me to pay for their health care just get sitcoms and reality shows like meeeeeeeeee?" Jezebel posted the tweet without comment.

The fighting escalated, to the point where Baio's wife Renee posted this on Facebook:


First, what's a "shitass"? Is her insult that the folks at Jezebel shit from their asses? I'm guessing she has her shit surgically removed...?

Second, she refers to her husband as "Scott Baio"?

Third, she's using a standard homophobic and sexist trope that feminists are lesbians because no man could love them as a means of discrediting them. It's not that complicated and she's not that sophisticated. But....

But then she follows in the grand tradition of uber-homophobes like Sarah Palin and Rick Warren in pulling the "I have gay friends" card:


Well, no one's saying she can't exercise her freedom of speech either. She's doing that right now. Just because some people disagree with what she's saying doesn't mean that her rights have been violated or that she's been silenced.

Although this might all be some sort of high-falutin', post-modern joke, what with her mentioning that she has friends "with or without animals." No one could be so vapid as to think that animal owners (or is it non-owners?) are a marginalized minority in the US. Right?

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Call me dense, well because I am, but what the heck is a BBAF.

As one of those "lazy nonworking people" who has been forced to draw on social security because of a stroke I would like to say thanks to Scott Baio for paying my way.

That and the fact that before drawing social security I paid into the system a lot more than I am now getting out of it from my over 30 years of working before becoming disabled.

Lynn Miller | April 22, 2010 6:31 PM

I had never heard of BBAF, either. It apparently stands for Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which is a not-for-profit founded by the Baios after their daughter Bailey was diagnosed with an inherited metabolic disorder: GA-1 deficiency.

The diagnosis was wrong, thank goodness, but the Baios created the organization to raise awareness and funds to help other parents. Renee is the President of BBAF.

Thank you for letting me know. It bothered me that there were initials I knew nothing about.

It is nice of them to raise awareness for a serious illness like that. At least he is puting his money to some good use.

That Baio would say something like this is no surprise. He's been identified as a far-right wingnut for 20 years... right up there with Victoria Jackson and Chuck Norris. Btw, his mom was already in "the bizness" which is largely how he got cast in projects like Bugsy Malone and his career started. Mr. Self-reliance?!

So, Ms Baio, we are ugly unmarriageable shitasses?

I've been married to men twice. I even still get offers, and at my age.

And I wipe my bottom.

I do, howeve, belong to the far left these days. Which is to say that I think that people have rights that it is immoral to abridge.