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In 1998, Jack Smith and his wife Valerie founded Elijah's Fire International (EFI) Church in Elkhart, Indiana. According to their website, within eight years jackie 2.jpgEFI grew from 8 to 300 members. They proclaim to be one of the "most radical churches in the Michiana area."

Their mission statement:

Raising up a radical church based on the book of Acts by maintaining and proclaiming a high standard of truth which produces maturity and brings freedom while taking the heart of God to the nations.

By "radical" they mean:

Basic, wanting extreme change. Never satisfied with just religion. Wanting all of God that we can get. Willing to give our lives to get all of God that we can.

Elijah Fire's website touts they are:

supporting missions in many foreign countries including India, Romania, China, many local Ministries and our First Impressions ministry that helps incorporate new believers and new members into our local body.

The Romania mission is run by an organization called Impact International Ministries led by Indiana State Representative Jackie Walorski & Dean Swihart.

Since Representative Walorski is challenging Congressman Donnelly for Indiana's 2nd district, is it fair game to find out more about a church she is associated with? It was for President Obama.

Elijah's Fire International Church is a Christian fundamentalist church. The founding pastor, Jack Smith, preaches "end times" Christianity.

Here are some excerpts from a sermon given by Pastor Smith - "Radical for God."

The bible says the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take the kingdom by force, Amen! So you have to get violent to enter into the kingdom. You can't just sit there and get all comfortable and just be a Sunday morning Christian in order to enter into the kingdom. You gotta work to enter into the kingdom, you've got to be violent about the kingdom, you gotta really really really really want God!

A radical church is a militant church I said a militant church; it's a church that's vigorously a active and aggressive and engaged in warfare. But we don't set on the side and let everybody else get drafted in; if there's a war we volunteer for that war! And there's a war in the spirit realm and you shouldn't be sitting on the right side doing nothing about that war. You need to jump into the battle on purpose and you need to volunteer to do it! Don't wait for Jesus to draft you into the war! Get into it now by yourselves!

...instead of allowing them to set the trend in their environment, you ought to be the ones' to set the trends in that environment! You ought to be the one who takes the ground, you ought to be the one who makes them feel uncomfortable instead of them making you feel uncomfortable. But see what we've done is we sit around and keep our mouths shut while they sit around and sin . . . well I won't participate; OPEN YOUR MOUTH! Tell them what they are doing is not what you'll do! Tell them you're not entering in because you're a Christian and God would not want you to do what you're doing! Say it loud but it; OPEN YOUR MOUTH!
What are you trying to do start a revolution? Yes, I am because I'm sick of church incorporated the way it's been. . . don't you want the awesome revival that you read about?

...some people will only get saved if they see a radical Christian. . .

Here is the entire sermon.

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I agree that involvement with this church IS very relevant in respect to someone seeking to be elected to Congress. Particualrly if the church is a whacked out far right church as this one appears to be based on the information provided.

Those on the right have to understand that if they make a Democrat's religious belief a campaign issue, then the same holds true for their candidate.

Donna Pandori Donna Pandori | April 12, 2010 7:10 PM

"based on the information provided".

It is what it is. The information on EFI's website speaks for itself. I personally wouldn't attach my wagon to Pastor Smith's train but there are many "end timers" who would.

How far entrenched is Representative Walorski in Pastor Smith's theological views is only something she can answer. And, it's up to 2nd district constituents to determine if she is who they want representing them.

Dangers of Fundamentalism are what scare me about the Pastor Smith's of the world.

Thank you Donna. I listened to the sermon. I went to the web site and downloaded several available documents. I read them. If Jackie Walorski believes what Jack Smith is spewing from the pulpit she would never get my vote. Jack Smith does not appear to me to be a follower of Jesus but a follower of his own distorted sense of self importance.

I still love the graphic that Jerame made for my post about Wacky Jackie's candidacy on the Huff Po. It really sums her up - and hearing the sermon explains a lot!

Lynn Miller | April 13, 2010 2:35 AM

If Jackie Walorski believes we are in the end times, how can she be a responsible steward of Indiana's (or the United States) resources? As a member of Congress she will be required to prioritize spending and make plans for the future. If the future won't exist, why bother making plans?

It's churches like this and their ministry that really makes me question the combination of church and state. As an outsider looking in (being British and working in the UK), it makes me worried for my friends in the US when people like this try to come to power.

I sat with my pastor today at the chapel I attend (I'm a member of a Free Christian Unitarian Chapel right here in Leeds), and we discussed the separation of church and state and how it is an important aspect, especially in ever changing, ever conflicting times when more and more religions and sexual and gender identities are coming into the limelight of the Western world.

My pastor, and my church for that matter are of the opinion that you are who you are, you believe what you believe, you sleep with who you sleep with and you determine your own path in life. It is possible to be liberal and Christian and listen to others opinions and ways of life, something I didn't realise until recently, my experiences of the church until I joined Mill Hill Chapel were far from accepting.

On looking at the website for EFI I was forced not to choke at the apparent hate spew that is coming out of there. And they call themselves a Sanctuary? Sanctuary to me is a place where anyone can find freedom to relax, think and be themselves. Something my church definitely is. Unless I was armed with a dozen or so friends I would be scared to walk into EFI for fear I'd not be walking out again.