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White House: Steve Hildebrand is crazy

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This has me so sputtering with anger that I can't even begin to describe it. I've sat here all day trying to write out a response that was insightful and meaningful, but I've been unsuccessful.

In a Washington Post story about former Obama adviser Steve Hildebrand's battle with depression, stupid-people-shut-up.jpgthe White House chose to attack Hildebrand and impugn his motives for criticizing the administration's record on LGBT rights.

Obama officials -- mindful that the Hildebrand Strategies Web site promotes the consultant's connection to the president -- see Hildebrand's new phase differently and dismiss his admonishments as the ravings of a sick man.

"You get the good Steve and the bad Steve. When Steve is healthy, he's a world-class operative. And when he's not, things get pretty crazy," says a White House official, who would only speak about a former colleague anonymously.

The whole article, from it's headline "Democratic operative Steve Hildebrand goes rogue" to the anonymous quote - the first quote other than Hildebrand and the only anonymous one, is intended to portray him as unstable, unpredictable and dangerous. As someone with a mental illness who's open about it and often gets these types of putdowns, instead of a long post, I'd like to say one thing to the anonymous source at the White House.

Fuck you. Fuck you very much.

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It's too bad the Obama administration doesn't have the same cut throat attitude when it comes to exerting the fierce advocacy to LGBTs they promised.

They wouldn't dare take a dig like that directed toward the Christian pig that oinked out the prayer on inaguration day.

Wow. The White House said that? Have any disability groups responded?

Henry Gerber | April 2, 2010 7:25 PM

This unprecedented, shameless attack on Hildebrand by Obama thugs make Karl Rove's tactics look like flowers in May.

And, yet again, the Washington Post has demonstrated that it's still happy to be riding in the Obama Clown by how quickly they go from mentioning the MAJOR role Hildebrand played in electing him to those jawdropping AND, OF COURSE, ANONYMOUS quotes you pulled.

"the ravings of a sick man...'bad Steve... pretty crazy'."

In other words: LOOK OUT absolutely ANYONE who criticizes Obama Nation. No matter what you've done for us in the past WE'LL DESTROY YOU if you cross us!

This has the unmistakable 9-fingerprints of Rahmbo Emanuel. The stories of the lengths he'll go to get even are legion.

Why should gays care? Well, not just because Hildebrand is gay, but because it's long been legend that Rahmbo's discomfort with gays rights legislation is some kind of PTSD from his boyhood days taking ballet lessons [he turned down a scholarship to the Joffrey] when he was taunted as a fag.

He famously banned David Mixner from the White House and blackballed him with other Dems after Mixner dared condemn Clinton for letting DADT happen.

Now Rahmbo is Obama's Chief of Staff and many believe the collapse of most of Obama's promises to gays are the direct result of Rahmbo whispering into his ear that votes are more important than anything or anyone else.

And Rahmbo's own Igor, fellow-Chicago Political Mafiosa Jim Messina, the point person on DADT, is telling everyone who will listen that THEY will continue to do things THEIR way; that no one is going to get them off their path which many see as a slow walking of repeal to death, not even civil disobedience.

They want an LGBT liason Clinton cocksucking lawyer who will apologize for them. I don't have to tell you who but he is the motor mouth on all the talk shows and the darling of Michaelangelo Signorile.

The White House stance on Hildebrand is disgusting but not at all surprising. As Henry said so eloquently in his comment above, this is pure Rahmbo at his sleaziest.

The deeper tragedy in this story is what is happening to the WaPo as they do their power-slide down the chute and into the Dumpster of irrelevance as a news source. Katherine Graham would not recognize what has happened to her beloved newspaper. Her Washington Post would never have printed such scandal-mongering gossip as this. Hell, her Washington Post would have brought down Bush 43, just as it brought down Richard Nixon.

Chitown Kev | April 3, 2010 9:54 AM

I hear you Bil and I am very, very pissed off at the Obama Administration about this quote.

Burly Truth | April 3, 2010 4:41 PM

Wow. There are so many layers of this story that are truly disturbing.

While depression has many forms and symptoms, I'm glad Hildebrand has the courage to talk about it. But his mental health is his private story to tell.

I'm not sure why any 'anonymous' source in high public office would think it acceptable to weigh in unless it is their intent to deliberately undermine his credibility. They knew the damage such comments would cause.

On another level, rather cowardly for the WaPo to allow a source, no matter how high up, to hide such a personal story behind anonymity. This is the kind of character assassination that requires the courage to stand publicly or shut up.

As for the Obama team, the term, 'fair weather friend', comes to mind.

What are they now willing to say on the record about the damage they have said off the record?

I'm not sure what impact, if any, this has on our GLBT initiatives which stalled out on inauguration day. This Administration clearly will only do what strong community push back and public opinion force them to. Fierce advocate, pfl

If this is how they treat their closest friends, how will the rest of us fare?

And since anyone in the Obama Administration thinks it perfectly acceptable to make such personal comments anonymously (as opposed to leaks intended to help broad legislative or policy goals which is common politics), I'll take my cue and publish my comments anonymously too.

Can you really be shocked? Same thing that Rahm did to David Mixner in 1993. Its all just a little bit of history repeating...