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You can't please everyone

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You would have thought that Itawamba Agricultural High School did everything they could to show they hated gays, but someone's still not satisfied:

"WBC will picket the graduation of Itawamba Agricultural High School to remind the parents, teachers and students of this nation that God said 'Thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination,'" the church said in announcing the protest.

"This generation has been raised to believe that they can live for the devil and still go to heaven, that God has no standards and the biggest lie of all - that God loves everyone."

"The parents of Fulton, MS feign outrage that a filthy dyke wants to parade her 'girlfriend' around at their night of fornication called a prom," the church added. "They had a duty to teach their children what the Lord requires of them. They shirked this duty."

Upside: they're not really just protesting Constance, but the whole damn school. And those kids deserve to be protested on their graduation. Downside: Contance will be blamed for this too.

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I wonder if Constance's classmates from school and their parents as well as school teachers and administrators might stand with the WBC biggots.

I have all the respect in the world for Constance, but it does not seem safe to come out in certain parts of our country.

That being said, it's people like Constance who change the world, no matter how difficult it is.

Oh this is going to be good. The Missouri Condemnation Homophobes meet the Mississippi Conform or Die Bigots. I can't wait to see how this plays out. One group wants press exposure and the other would like for the world to go away except for their own isolated community. This is going to be a classic contest of first amendment versus second amendment. Las Vegas will probably take bets at even odds.

Knowing how bigoted that part of Mississippi is... this may very well be the last we ever hear of the Westbro Baptist Church. They may just be used for target practice by the parents.

And I'm wondering if Constance will be getting her graduation ceremony with just those that were at the prom she was at.

More likey, she'll have her diploma mailed to her. Probably with postage due...

I find it amusing that they use a bible quote that doesn't even apply to lesbians.

Bigots bad mouthing other Bigots yep it dose happen just most never see it.Now yes one has to always be wary of where one lives on when and if they come out or express there selfs.Being a south Georgia girl I had to learn the hard way to to trust who not to.

Joe-Allen Doty | April 27, 2010 1:11 AM

The Westboro Baptist Church is in Topeka, Kansas. It is not in Missouri.

It is neither Southern Baptist nor American Baptist.

It is the Fred Phelps family pseudo-church group.

Thank you Joe for the geographical correction. I hope the fine people in Missouri will forgive me the transgression. As to the Baptists I never could figure out how 2,000 plus "Christian" denominations were related to each other.

I'm absolutely shaking with anger and about to cry. Being a Christian, I hold my value that God loves EVERYONE very highly, and them saying something like this is just--- Its disgusting, and it saddens me that some believe THIS is what all religion is like.

It should be illegal to call this organization a church. Ugh. Let the girl alone already, you've already set half the country against her.

I'm sure the "nice" people of Fulton, MS don't have functional brains...have never had an original thought, never personally analyzed a situaion or uniquely applied a thought. In summary, they've never executed the higher cognitive functions required both of education and acceptance or assimilation of new ideas. They are fed grape juice in their baby bottles and then in their christian churches and just swallow it (and get fat)...and never use their brains for anything other than memorizing the religious dogma being passed along from generation to generation.

It couldn't happen to nicer people. Maybe now they'll realize what they've done to Constance.

But I doubt those hillbillies will get that message. Instead they'll remain angry, hostile, and defensive.