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Aaron Sorkin: No living gay movie stars

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"I can only imagine that Setoodeh's piece felt like a solid kidney punch, not to just Mr. Hayes and the other actors tagged in the story, but to teenagers -- kids who live in daily fear of what their parents are going to say, of getting the hell beaten out of them at school, of being an oddity. Gay actors, you'll forgive the expression, are caught between a rock and a hard place. Only criminals and adulterers should have to hide who they are. And in addition to living their own lives in sun and not shadow, these actors want to -- admirably -- be role models for these kids. But they also know the blanker their canvas the better their chance of marginalizing the "A" story. They know that even in 2010, there's still no such thing as an actor who's gay, a movie star and alive all at the same time."

-- Aaron Sorkin coming to the "defense" of Newsweek's theater critic Ramin Setoodeh. The "A" story is the actor's personal life.

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I've been saying the things that Sorkin said for a long time now. All these rags on the newstand can do is taunt us with gossip. Gossip is all over television, the internet (witness his citation of Yahoo's front page story), and the newsstand as well.

When we can move past the private lives of people without the rampant voyeurism that is so evident, then we can appreciate a star like Sean Hayes in whatever role he undertakes. The reference to Ian McKellan is perfectly stated here.

What we need to do to is obvious - get past this obsession (media-provided) with the private lives of our stars (they don't really shine anyway), and appreciate good acting for what it is, appreciate good music for what it is, appreciate this life on earth for what it is...awfully good.