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Bilerico Sends Over 1,000 letters to Congress on ENDA, Yesterday

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Bilerico readers, you are amazing. Yesterday, I asked that you write letters to Congress in support of ENDA.mail.jpg

I had expected a few hundred, based on my past guesses at participation.

This time, using a site that tracks the number of letters sent, I could know for certain.

This morning, I looked to see how many letters had been sent.

I could not believe my eyes.

You sent over 1,000 letters to Congress. In one day. And they came from all over the country.

Bilerico readers, you are amazing! Thank you for the best birthday present ever. More data on these letters after the jump.

Look at this:

Bilerico letters to Congress 5-12-10.jpg

Where did all those letters come from? All over the USA. Of course, states with higher populations could be expected to send more, and mostly, the results follow each state's percentage of the US population.

The following states, however, sent twice as many letters as their percentage in the US:

Arizona, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington state, and West Virginia.


But Massachusetts and Virginia both sent in three times as many letters as their percentage in the US.

And the grand prize winner?

Montana, which sent in five times as many letters as their percentage population in the US.

Yay Montana!

Thank you to all of you who supported ENDA yesterday by lobbying Congress. This is the kind of effort that will get us over the top.

Bilerico letters chart A-N.jpg

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I've encouraged several of my straight allies to e-mail as well. I'm glad to see the show of support.

Last week I received a reply from my representative in response to my request that he vote for HR 3017. He is against it. I want to quote the middle paragraph. It astounded me. ..........

"I strongly oppose discrimination in any and all forms and believe that any unfairness must not be tolerated. However, the Employee Non-Discrimination Act prohibits employers from hiring the individuals they believe are best suited for the job. Furthermore, citizens are already protected by laws against such civil rights' discrimination; therefore the passage of this legislation is duplicative and unnecessary. In addition, the bill, through its provisions, undermines the right of states to define, protect and preserve the institution of marriage."

Most of the rest of the letter is fluff and a nice thank you at the end for me contacting him.

Unfortunately the district I live in is heavily conservative republican and only token opposition runs against to this representative in each election.

I will visit him personally the next time he is in town but odds of moving him to vote positively on either repeal of DADT or ENDA are minuscule.

Connie Mack IV. And he is married to Mary Bono Mack, another probable no vote.

To Deena I. That must the a standard republican reply or do you live in Wally World too? (e.g. Wally Herger sends out just such garbage. ... But the farmers rich from free water, fuel and federal subsidies keep him in office.

No, not Wally World. What blew me away was the prohibits employers bit and also the undermining of marriage muck. I suppose the response may be from a staffer or it is a form letter that, as you say, has "standard" language. And I get the distinct feeling that he would vote to repeal the 1964 civil rights act if given the chance.

I'm so proud of Projectors right now. :)

I did not get around to read this yesterday. I however have been busy. I have hand delivered my Resume to the local offices of my Senators and Representative along with an explanation as to the purpose for my doing so. I have sent countless emails already, made a few phone calls as well. I have now sent this letter with my own addition to it as well. ( the mailed version not the electronic one ) If there is more that I can do without going to Washington DC myself ( like that would help any ) please let me know.

I just placed a Facebook ad to advertise the link Jillian provided http://www.rallycongress.com/enda123/3187/enda-now/

For those that can afford it please do the same!

Dana, you're awesome! What a great idea!

Great job!

How can we do a letter campaign for repeal of DADT?