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Dems: The Dog Ate My Homework

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As a college professor, I've listened to many excuses on why the report wasn't done over the past decade.dog-ate-my-homework.jpg

These included classic homework-eating dogs and tales of laptop explosions, Lazarus-like grandmothers who passed away, only to miraculously revive in order to have a funeral again in time for the final report due date.

But the one that really takes the cake is the explanation of why the Employment Non-Discrimination Act isn't moving forward.

They haven't had a chance to ask Representatives whether they'll vote for the bill.

Never mind that they've had over a month to do it. Never mind that this has been pending since June of last year. Never mind that the window for Senate approval is fast closing.

This Professor ain't buying it. I'm kind, but I'm not a sap. And you shouldn't be either. It's time to rise up and be heard.

This is the week of the International Day Against Homophobia, and Harvey Milk Day protests are planned across the country. A rally is being held at Pelosi's SF office on Tuesday at 4:30 PST.

More on this, and The Metro's right-on article "Left Jabs At ENDA," after the jump.

As Chris Geidner at MetroWeekly put it, in "Left Jabs At ENDA"

As the timeline for action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act tightens, congressional leaders were quiet most of the week, responding only on Friday, May 15, to quell reports deemed ''irresponsible'' by a spokesman for Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) - as further actions from the left are planned for this week.

Both Harry Gural, Frank's communications director, and a Democratic leadership aide strongly disputed the circulating conventional wisdom that the whip count necessary to bring ENDA to the floor for a vote in the House was complete. On Saturday morning, Gural specifically disputed an account published in the Bay Windows on Thursday, in which the view of ''supporters'' of ENDA was characterized as ''just waiting for the Democratic leadership to call the bill to the floor.''

Oh, and for good measure, Frank's office says this is all for the sake of the transgender people. They apparently forgot to ask whether legislators will vote to strip out gender identity. That's what's holding up the bandwagon, according to them. As Jared Polis so coyly put it, "Don't you want rights for transgender people?" Please, spare me the excuses. You're breaking my heart.

The information about the whip count completion came from Rea Carey of the Task Force and Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality. If Frank's office isn't coordinating with these community leaders, and they're out of the loop, what does Frank and the Democratic leadership expect of the rest of us, sitting out here waiting for the vote we've been promised since last June?

Congressional aides have been telling me to "calm down" and "listen up," as if I'm a disrespectful student, since last November, when I called them on their obvious stalling tactics. ("Rumors of ENDA Slow-Down In The House, " November 11, 2009 -- take a look at comment 2)

Frankly, the LGBT civil rights movement is in disarray, and the people in Congress who are slow-walking every civil rights protection promised us in the Democratic platform are primarily responsible. Is it time to rise up yet?

We must live in shame and secrecy to serve the country we love, but which seems to hate and despise us.

Is it time to rise up yet?

AIDS funding has dropped, leaving thousands of our sick and dying in crisis.

Is it time to rise up yet?

We are denied the simple right to get and keep a job free from harassment.

Is it time to rise up yet?

Our youth are prey to an epidemic of homelessness and suicide.

Is it time to rise up yet?

The marriage equality movement has been stopped, and DOMA still rules the land.

Is it time to rise up yet?

Many of our leaders have called for this to be a week of protest, culminating with Harvey Milk Day on Saturday, May 22. Harvey was born on that day, but he wasn't born to be a national symbol. He became one because he stood up for himself and his community.

Will you tell them you reject their prejudice? Rise up!

Turn Off Your Computer And Get Involved In Actions Planned For This Week

Check Equality Across America's website for a list of local actions. Also look at the sidebar, which has a number of actions not on the main list. Facebook's Harvey Milk Day Actions Page also has some actions listed that aren't yet on EAA's page.

There are actions in many major cities, including places where you might not expect them, such as Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, and New Mexico.

Some of these actions may be small, but in combination with others around the nation, they combine to make a larger statement.

I will be speaking at the New York City Harvey Milk Day March on Saturday the 22nd. I'm going because I don't want to sit quietly as political machinations kill my civil rights. I want to speak up against the soul-killing and body-killing effects of homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination, including that found in our Congress. (Click here to send letters to your Congressmembers with one click.)

Get out into your community and rise up!

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Thank you Dana. I wish the full-time naysayers would.

If we just had enough people demanding. Brilliant.

We don't need to "rise up," we need to wake up. You don't make any progress complaining. That's why nobody takes these stunts seriously. Well, maybe the few hundred who are seeking attention.

But, have fun. And make sure you get the David Mixner T-shirt from GetATTENTION, it's only $27.99 plus shipping and handling. Call now. Activists are standing by.

If you "demand" well enough, you can have your own t-shirt someday.

"You don't make any progress complaining. That's why nobody takes these stunts seriously."

Absolutely ironic that you use this same exact method yourself.

Sorry Dana. You are promoting protesting and complaining (without any evidence of its effectiveness) and I am suggesting what most people already know - these stunts are not helpful.

It would be unfortunate for young people to follow your lead and simply end up wasting their time and effort. Because once we give people something ineffective to do - they lost hope. They stop participating.

We need to focus on changing minds. We need to talk to our neighbors, friend, co-workers and even strangers. All the complaining in the world won't change anyone's mind. Never has, never will.

You can continue to promote this behavior and encourage people to "rise up." I'd rather our Community wake up - that includes you.

Funny, I thought Jillian was saying "protest and TAKE A STAND". Apparently you think we should lobby friends, families, and acquaintances for another, what, 20 or 30 years? As long as we acquiesce and play nice you can ready yourself for the trip under the bus.

Funny, I thought Jillian was saying "protest and TAKE A STAND". Apparently you think we should lobby friends, families, and acquaintances for another, what, 20 or 30 years? As long as we acquiesce and play nice you can ready yourself for the trip under the bus.

The group you are being told to "rise up" against is only one-third of America. The other two-thirds are the ones that will provide your equality.

So, you can yell at everybody OR talk to the majority that are willing to help.

Yell or talk. You decide. I know it's a lot harder to talk than it is to yell or march around making "demands," but until we get people to join us we will remain a small, weak "minority." No matter how loud you get.

We've been told.
Stop the protests
Stop the lobbying.
Cancel any marches
And someone pass the word to Gandhi and to MLK, Jr.

“We must become the change we want to see.”

Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948


“Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968

Nice words, but Gandhi also led the march to the sea...

If the Democrats won't vote for our right to keep our jobs, why should we vote for them to keep theirs in the next election?

Then you're back to the lesser of two evils dilemma. So, don't vote for Democrats. Then we get Republicans in office. Yay.

Considering that dems are pretty much just like repubs except they are experts in grin-fucking us so we only THINK they are different. I think it is time to vote for the candidates from ANY party that have a strong track record in supporting us.

We've got a whole week of stuff planned in Chicago, including a protest against anti-gay hate internationally and a screening of Fish Out Of Water tonight, a flash mob for ENDA on Thursday, and a rally & march Saturday. Check out http://chicagomilkweek.wordpress.com for details!

“We must become the change we want to see.”

Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948


“Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968

"Wherever you go, there you are."

Buckaroo Banzai

Het Andrew, I'm going to the Sarasota Fl events Saturday. Can you make it? We could do brunch at Felice's Cafe.


I wish I could. Have fun.

Email me.

Gosh I wish I could. How do I get your email addy? I bet we could have a lot of fun.

The Democrats are more interested in retaining power than using it. That is not a reason for governance. I'd rather have an honest enemy, so that LGBT people can begin to see why it is in their best interests to get away from the TV and the computer and to make a difference in the world. The Democrats have put us all in The Matrix.

Andrew, you're correct in advocating that LGBT people wake up and start talking to friends and neighbors. Where we disagree is that you seem to espouse the notion that's all we need to do.

It's more than just talking to neighbors, friends, etc., we have to ask for their help. We have to get them to join us.

When we march around and protest - with so few in attendance - we only confirm how weak we are. We disagree on what tactics, methods and strategies are actually effective.

They only way to keep score is to add to our ranks. Protesting and complaining don't do that. We need to enroll people, not make "demands." People don't respond to a demand without a threat. We don't have a threat.

I launched my effort 9 months ago when I quit supporting HRC. HRC couldn't provide me with their "strategy." I asked them how many Americans support our full equality and they had no idea. I also know they have wasted $550 million during the last 30 years lobbying and yet they can't identify a single Member of Congress that they lobbied into changing their mind/vote. None.

With a group of very creative and thoughtful people i have been figuring out how to win. That process started by embracing accountability for every tactic, method and strategy. Some of them are useless - like irritating "stunts," "demanding" and most lobbying.

We won't make progress as a movement until we are prepared to analyze - honestly and objectively - what we are trying to accomplish and how we are doing it. Just because we've always "just tried everything" doesn't make sense. This is an investment. I want it to work. It's not my job and I don't need the title "activist." I simply want to win. To that end, we must stop encouraging people to waste their time and refocus our collective efforts.

I appreciate your tireless efforts. I invite you to think about winning and about what is actually effective.

I'm a conservative. But I'm also Australian, and that might take the curse off it. I don't have a dog in this hunt, I support the Liberals (left wing thereof) not the DNC or GOP.

Time to think the unthinkable, and speak the unspeakable.

If you vote Democrat in November, as you may decide to do, you will have told them that GLBT rights don't matter. That there are more important issues to you, like, oh, evacuating Afghanistan, or closing down Guantanamo, or something. You will be rewarding them for their behaviour, and telling them that it's acceptable.

If you vote Green, you cost the DNC a vote. That will sting. But you're not exactly a huge voting block, are you? Every Fundie vote the DNC gets for not delivering anything to GLBT causes is not just one vote for them, it's one vote less that the GOP gets. Because that's who the Fundies vote for if they don't vote DNC. Their votes are worth twice yours, effectively.

Think about that. The DNC politicians - including Obama - made the calculation - that some Gays will vote DEM anyway, and the rest will never vote GOP, no matter how badly they're treated.

So You Do Not Matter. You Are Expendable.

And they're right, as long as you keep up this voting pattern. Never punishing them for bad behaviour, and they get rewarded for it by Fundie votes. Of course they'll never change! Why on Earth should they?

So. What to do.

First, try deterrence. Open the GayTM, to double the support of the few Dems who haven't backstabbed us. But also, and this is just as important, make it known that you will support the BlueDogs opponents, whenever and wherever they may be, even if they're frothing-at-the-mouth Creationists.

You have to make the threat credible, and concrete. No DADT repeal, No ENDA - and the Dems don't just lose support, their opponents gain it. Make your vote count double too - and make them believe that.

That's the tricky bit. Making them believe it, so they don't say "Oh, they'll never vote GOP, not really, they're just saying that."

You have to be prepared to actually do it.

Now if deterrence works, you can breathe a sigh of relief. DADT is gone, ENDA is in. No need to do something that feels dirty. A win/win.

But somehow.... I don't think they'll buy it. I hope I'm wrong.

Then comes the time to think the unthinkable, and follow-through. You want to make sure that BlueDog == Electoral Suicide. That the DNC will never, ever think of pulling this kind of stunt again. That the word "2010" will be met with shudders, and signs of the cross at the DNC, and vows of "never again...". The GOP will never piss off the NRA again. We want the Dems to feel the same way about GLBT.

Are there risks? Oh yes. The GOP might actually repeal stuff we've already won... though thinking about it, there's not a lot to actually repeal, is there? And the Backlash from a truly Christian Taliban right-wing regime, even for one term, will match the backlash that's coming in November against the DNC. Match it and exceed it. By winning too big, they lose all.

In that term, you might have to take to the streets of course. Not just in tens, but tens of thousands. It will be a rough time.

But the DNC has given you no alternative. Not unless you want to see ENDA fail in 2012, and 2014, and 2016, and.... still not be passed in 2020. They've told you as much, by deeds, not words.

Do this - or accept that there will never be a right time. That other issues will always be put before GLBT ones.

LGBTs aren't simply expendable, we're a liability. Don't forget that people aren't required to vote in the US. The winner is really who gets the most people off their butts and to the polls.

Our power is in being a squeaky wheel...not being donors or voters. It's easier for liberals to win when LGBT rights aren't front and center. Conservatives make LGBT rights a wedge issue...they make it front and center...they are delighted when LGBTs push. We're the radicals, the left wing extremists that conservatives love, love, love running against. Noisy queers are a gift to Republicans.

In 1996 Democrats seriously thought if they passed DOMA that would be the end of it--LGBTs would go away and conservatives wouldn't have anything to rail against. You would think Dems would've figured it out at this point. The only way to make LGBT rights a non-issue is to actually pass LGBT rights.

LGBTs can actually vote Democratic and still make Dems lose. An enthusiastic Republican base is a homophobic, xenophobic, racist base.

These are the two best action items I have read here:

1- Open the GayTM, to double the support of the few Dems who haven't backstabbed us. But also, and this is just as important, make it known that you will support the BlueDogs opponents, whenever and wherever they may be, even if they're frothing-at-the-mouth Creationists.

2- Take our issues off the table by pasing them! Conservatives make LGBT rights a wedge issue...they make it front and center...they are delighted when LGBTs push. You would think Dems would've figured it out at this point. The only way to make LGBT rights a non-issue is to actually pass LGBT rights.

We may not donate lots of money or votes, but we are the campaigns grassroots workers and organizers.

Before I even clicked onto the comment section, I already knew Andrew was already here, providing his words of wisdom, gleamed from his decades of personal experience being a couch potato activist and his vast knowledge of how the world has advanced human rights by sticking their heads in the sand until it changed on its own. We should praise the Lord that we are blessed with Andrew's presences and his guidance, that if we had listened to him, we would have had more time on our hands weaving baskets underwater and playing bridge with the other elderly women in Sun City. He's just looking after our welfare and our free time allotment. Bless you, Andrew. We'll ask Herr Pope to make you a saint.

Now Monica, you know that before sainthood Andrew has to learn how to pray and also has to have Brunch with me. I'm not sure he is up to doing either.

I posted "shut up Andreww" before he made his first post. I believe he sits there and refreshes the main page until he sees Jillian post something and pounces on it. Of course with the same tired 'you all suck' words.

I am really curious if he is on the payroll of the Family Research Council or some other group that would love to see us disband. It wouldn't be so bad if he would shut the F up about what we are currently trying to do and offer things we can do in addition to this.

I am VERY suspicious of him. Something isn't right.

More paranoia Dana?

If you want to make the case for high-profile "complaining," go ahead. If you believe it is effective, tell us how.

I don't insult anyone, as you repeatedly do, I have encouraged accountability for all tactics, methods and strategies.

You can go first - make sense of these publicity stunts and explain how they are effective. Explain why the LGBT Community and the Media have ignored these stunts. Explain how making demands without a threat accomplish anything. How does any of this change any minds?

Go ahead. Explain. Otherwise, you're just interested in complaining, with a bit of half-baked paranoia.

Andreww, there have been enough people debate you on this and you refuse to listen to ANY of the arguments. All you do is come in here and try to tell everyone how bad what they are doing is yet you never offer any other actual suggestions. Why should I repeat the thousands and thousands of words that have already been typed to you about this? Thanks but no thanks...winky wink

From paranoia to denial. Wonderful.

Nobody has furnished any evidence for the effectiveness of these stunts or protesting. If it is so effective it should be easy to provide some evidence or rationale.

Please explain how "complaining" (in the streets) changes any minds.

Come on, give it a try.

Gee, if only we had asked the Army for help in Spain, we could have prevented the Atocha massacres, the 23-F coup attempt, all of which the Army was involved in...

Instead we wasted our time putting our lives on the line, at the funerals, marching, and building barricades to block the army's support of the coup unless they killed us and ignited national and international outrage...

If only Andrew had been there to lend us his vision...if only....which would have resulted in a new el Caudillo and a dark, despondent night settling upon Spain...

The great only appear so because we are ON OUR KNEES.......ARISE!

Angela Brightfeather | May 17, 2010 3:02 PM

Listen UP!!!!!!!
Andrew, your excused.

Get on yourr computers and look in past mail and find every plea from anything that has an Obama or DNC stamp on it and any associated solicitations.

Go tot he bottom of the solicitation and choose to be "unsubscribed".

When the box pops up asking why yu are unsubscribing, yell it loud and clear. "I will resubscribe when ENDA passes!!!!!!!!"

You are not going to move anyone until you kick them where it really hurts, in their pocketbooks.

Your posts drive me batty. One day it’s pick up the phone, then next day it’s pick up a sign.

How about some information people can use, something like this:

Blanche Lincoln of AR and Arlene Specter of PA are in hotly contested primaries tomorrow. Call Senator Specter’s office and Joe Sestak now, ask if they support ENDA…tell them they need to speak up and publicly endorse ENDA at their campaign rallies and statements to win your support.
Or Senator Lincoln will be at a rally at the Fayetteville Fire House today at 6:00, join us with signs where we will let Senator Lincoln know our vote depends on her speaking up for ENDA in her re-election campaign. Tell her she needs to show public support for ENDA to earn your vote tomorrow and this November.

Or you can have an after the fact rally at Harvey Milk Day and shout “Oh my God, oh my God! Barney Frank, Barney Frank!”

Kathy Padilla | May 17, 2010 6:45 PM

Both Sen. Specter & Adm. Sestak support ENDA - inclusive of gender identity. And have done so publicly. I think the major difference between the two on lgbt issues is on marriage. Specter supporting civil unions & Sestak supporting marriage equality.

Although I'm not sure if Sestak has been asked about supporting removing the exclusion on Transgender related health care from health insurance. Specter did when I asked him at a community forum. He did stop for a second to say that we asked some hard questions - we did - but those are the questions we live with.

Yes, Geena, my posts are kind of varied in calling for different styles of activism. The "call your Congressmember" type gets boring quickly. The "protest!" ones are good when we see that our supposed leaders are playing games. And today I have a "those goddamned liars" one. But I do try to put a link in every one to send letters to Congress. The last time I talked to Diego, he suggested emails rather than phone calls, because emails can be tracked, whereas nobody knows how many phone calls come in, and nobody knows how many actually get reported to the Congressmember. So guilty as charged. Just doing the best I can. You're right about the info people can use part. Thanks for posting that. And if you have any more ideas, feel free to email them to me so I can use them in a post. Or ask Bil to do a guest post yourself. There's room for all comers in this game.

I'm going to suggest a new Plan of Action in regards to Andrew. I call it the "Ignore Andrew Campaign." From this point on, no one should comment on any of Andrew's ranting and nonsensical comments. We already know it goes nowhere with him, so we don't need to go there. Make your comments to people who have something to actual contribute. It will be slow at first, but as it catches on, he will post his nauseating comments and no one will care.

As was pointed out by myself and others, we have wasted thousands of words on Andrew. You can get a more positive response talking to Lafferty. I suggest that whenever Jillian posts something, or where the trolling begins, we will post a reminder of the "Ignore Andrew Campaign." The sooner the better. It will take awhile, but since we have wasted a lot of keystrokes on him as it is, we can put our fingers to better use.

Are you with me on this?

I am down with that! Andreww reminds me of a guy from Navy bootcamp. He was always out of step when marching. He told the company commander that it was the rest of the company that was out of step. He was serious! I think he got discharged due to something missing upstairs.

I join the ignore andreww campaign!

Call it, "IAC." That's what we post after a person directs their comment to Andrew.

Dana, We can also call it the "Hey Andrew, Talk to the Hand."

Remember Andrew is also Travis.

Monica and Dana cannot provide any evidence or rationale for "demanding" and high-profile complaining (publicity stunts).

They choose to ignore accountability and people wonder why our movement, in Jillian's words:

"is in disarray."

It's about winning Monica and Dana - not complaining or stifling conversation. Neither one of you has ever answered these simple questions, and now you want to even dismiss the questions?

Is this the same behavior you bring with you on your "protests?" How about trying conversation?

If you haven't already noticed the LGBT Community isn't "rising up" and the Media is ignoring these stunts. Have you figured out why, yet? That would be a good start.

Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com | May 17, 2010 5:51 PM

Jillian, Jillian, Jillian...I'm disappointed in you! Did you miss the memo from the White House about their new paradigm for change?

It's not just that "they haven't had a chance to ask Representatives whether they'll vote for the bill."

They still have to ask the Representatives' families what they think the impact will be of ENDA, AND their "influencers," AND "the broader Congressional community." And then, even after it passes, IF it does, they'll want at least another year before discrimination against LGBTs in the workplace actually has to stop.

As Robert Gates, the man we apparently actually elected, has declared: "There's a smart way to change things and there's a stupid way."

Andrew, lets put to the test the efficacy of your Mr. Gay Rodger's Neighborhood " activism; let's poll people in neighborhoods with gay couples and see if they believe that gay men ought to be able to get married and to adopt children.

Then let's poll to see if people feel that employeers ought to have to treat gay men equally...

Want to guess just how effective the "good neighbor" policy has been?
Ask people in California and Maine

We actually poll very well in both California and Maine - even though there hasn't been a concerted effort to enroll our neighbors. Both of those examples used politics and protest. There were a few "pity us" Ad Campaigns, but mostly your two favorite tactics.

Try again.

It is articles like this that help remove the support for passage of ENDA. However it does really reflect a position held by many. The "men in dresses teaching our young children" argument seems to be the battle cry for many to remove the Transgender provisions from the bill. While I cannot and am not ready to jump into the boat AndrewW is sailing off on, I do feel he makes a valid point in one very important way. Until people who are the ones that have those small children in school come to know some of us and understand we do not have horns or goat's feet, we are otherwise normal people with values similar to theirs in many cases. I do not need to look far to see where the support ends for ENDA. My sister has said pretty much the same thing about "men in dresses teaching children" thing. Some may say well this is the groups like American Family or Family Research putting out their points but I can only ask why are ours not being put out before the people? While I do not think I fully believe the old saying "there is no such thing as bad press" I do think people who are spokes persons for the groups supporting ENDA need to get out in front of the cameras and on the videos and get the message out that Equality has been denied for too long in a country that was supposed to be founded on freedom. Those of us who live and work still need to be examples to show we are not out of control sex addicts or pedophiles which is what we are painted as by some on the conservative side of this issue. Others say we are bad for business, too costly. Only by being out there will those examples be dispelled. Most of the developed countries in the world have become more progressive on the matter of Equality than we are. Until we do make the argument that we desire Equality, we will be looking like beggars waiting for a crumb to fall from a table.

I saw 40-some comments on this post and thought wow, people are having a great discussion about what actions could be taken to push the Democrats to be decent human beings. Oh, well.

I wish I could go to one of those actions, though.

We did not poll well in polls that counted. And every LGBT person in the end does what it is that you are preachign in their neighborhood.

Guess what?
My Catholic and Orthodox Jewish friend vote against gay issues and support those who do.
'cause as much as they like me, "you are going to hell, you know"

We have to win in spite of our neighbors.
They will support us only after the fact, as they do in Mass. since the sky did not fall after marriage equality was attained

No, only 5% of LGBT persons come out AND engage neighbors, friends and co-workers. 1 million of us.

We win WITH our neighbors. Two-out-of-three of our neighbors WILL support our equality. We don't need the other one-third. We'll run into them, but when they make themselves clear just ignore them, focus on finding the two-thirds.

They support us now - we just need to ask instead of complain.

OK Andrew, I'll take your advice. I will personally contact 20 people. All of them will be evangelical Christians. I will ask each and every one of them to support basic human rights. Now if your figures are correct and 1 million people do the same then 20 million votes are surely enough to make an impact. Now, what do you want me to ask them to do? Should I convince them to email their Congresscritters? Please explain in very simple terms what you want me to ask them to do. Remember, I am a simple ditz so keep it explicit.

Deena - Do you live behind a church? Pick 20 people in your neighborhood and likely only one-third will be against our equality. Don't argue beliefs, just ask them to support our full equality as a "basic human principle."

Most evangelicals (82%) will not support our full equality, but 70% of Catholics will. Ask them. When you run into the one-third that will not support us dismiss them. No need to convert them, just find the two-thirds.

As a movement, we have never done this. After the mid-terms, when our community will finally let go of the elusive "political solution" and the over-simplistic idea of "demanding," our movement will be redefined and well supported.

I fully support your starting now, though. Go get em.

No Andrew but there is a church at the entrance. I just happen to see far more people far more frequently at church. And I hesitate to go meet some neighbors when the signs at the gates typically say things like "those who trespass will be shot on sight". You may live in a nice suburban subdivision or a multi-unit complex where knocking on doors is an accepted practice but I do not. So, I'll do it my way and you do it yours. After all, its the numbers that count isn't it?

It's the numbers, yes. Any way we can enroll people counts.

Talking to your neighbors is fine. It's a good idea and everything.


We still live in the US right? With the whole 3 branches of government, representation, due process system? It should work for us. Gay people are not the only Americans who petition the government. It's how everyone gets the government to work for them. Everyone who gets something from the government gets it because they complained.

As a movement we have always encouraged people to be out to their neighbors. Since the beginning. This isn't even close to new. This is like suggesting we call the sky "blue". It's the oldest tactic in the gay rights playbook and I think it's hilarious that Andrew's trying to sell it like he came up with it.

Only 5% of the LGBT population in the US has ever engaged their neighbors in a conversation about our equality. Only 5% - so much for our movement "always" encouraging this. The "encouragement" hasn't worked.

Instead we have faith in the false-hope of a "political solution" or we take to the streets and express anger and frustration. THAT is our history.

As a movement we have never organized an effort to enroll people in our equality. Never. We remain a minority. I have suggested that we refocus our efforts on becoming a strong majority. Enroll people. I have also suggested that research indicates two-thirds of our fellow citizens will support our full equality. HRC and the Task Force didn't do that research and neither did those content with "demanding in the streets," I did. Now, we're developing the tools and the media campaigns to accomplish it.

No, it has never been done before. When we finally realize that politics and/or complaining are not our salvation, we'll get to work. All of us, not just 5%. We need to inspire and ignite a real, sustainable movement. We don't have one now.

Only 5% eh? Can you provide a source for that number? Can I see your research? LGBT demographics is not exactly an exact science.

We're a minority by birth. We will always be a minority. We're not a political party. Having more allies won't make us a majority.

The movement has always encouraged coming out and engaging people. However, not all LGBT people are part of the movement.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans folks, and the LGBT movement are not one and the same.

If your thing is recruiting more people to the movement, you're wasting your time here. You're barking up the wrong lesbian. You should be at the gay pop culture sites recruiting gay men who just want to party and frak.

And just so you know, I don't just talk the talk. I actually go to lesbian pop culture sites and recruit. I've done this for years. I figure if someone is posting at Bilerico they're probably already involved or interested in some way.

Our history is one of community. There's no movement without community. All these actions create a sense of community, and the community is our salvation.

I don't know what your goal is. I don't know what you're railing against. ENDA is a political solution. All legislation is a political solution. And all that we've done made us a community.

I'm not recruiting. My goal is to get people to understand that there is no "political solution." ENDA id not a political solution. ENDA is not equality - it is a new law to punish people. Equality means we are equal - not protected because we are a weak minority.

If you can let go of our minority status and see us as part of a majority that supports equality, you will see how we win. Laws won't do that. Demands won't do that. We need people to join us.

Two-thirds of Americans support our full equality. That does make us part of a majority. Imagine being Black. Is it more important to be black (a minority) or a part of the majority that supports and believes in our full equality? Being part of that majority doesn't take away anything unique about any of us. It does provide our victory. Which is more important to you?

I want to end the negative branding of "gay" and re-brand us as what we really are - very creative, very passionate and very capable. We don't surrender any of our identity by joining the majority of people who believe in equality as a basic human principle.

I am glad you recruit. Keep it up. People need to hear from YOU. They need to hear the truth. We need more of that. Much more.