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Examining the Basic Math of SB 1070 in Arizona

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Examining the basic math of SB 1070, I find:

This law requires the arrest and detention of all people in the state of Arizona who are not legally in the United States.prison-sante.jpg

Estimates put their number at 400,000 to 460,000.

Never before has a law been passed that instantly creates such a large number of criminals and requiring their arrest.

If law enforcement were actually successful in arresting them, or is sued to do so as this law allows, this would mean incarcerating a number that is 10-11 times the entire state's current prison population. (40,431 inmates were in custody as of Sept. 30, 2009.)

What would this do to the Arizona budget? Find out after the jump.

The current 2010 budget for the Arizona Department of Corrections is about $1 billion. The Department employs 9,750 well-trained corrections professionals per the Arizona Department of Corrections website.

So imprisoning these new "criminals" would cost an additional $10-$11 billion, and that doesn't include the costs of building a prison system that is ten times as large, and building it very quickly. It would require the hiring of 97,500 people to staff these prisons.

The state of Arizona currently faces a serious budget deficit of $1.6 billion. With SB1070, if it is enforced, the state's budget deficit will grow by a factor of five to ten times.

Who in their right mind would ever pass such a bill? They are obviously math and reality-challenged.

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I suppose that in the minds of the "tough guys" in Arizona, math is for queers.

Margaretpoa Margaretpoa | May 9, 2010 2:01 PM

They are demagogues and demagogues are arguably not in their right mind.

Bobby, once again, you have presented a great argument debunking this stupid law. 460,000 is bigger than most of the cities in Arizona. And, who is to say what percent of the people they do bring in are actually "illegal." That's the scariest part of this whole thing. Keep us informed.

"Who in their right mind," indeed.

Why don't you calculate the amount of money that illegal immigrants are costing tax payers every year? That might put things into perspective.

Rupauly Sure | May 10, 2010 12:23 AM

The reason illegal immigration reform was never taken seriously even under the Bush administration is because America loves it's dirt-cheap labor force who are now...illegal immigrants. Small and large businesses alike use them. One can yell about how much illegal immigrants cost the tax-payer as much as they like, but I guarantee they don't cost the American businesses that hire them (& cover it up) very much.

You stated: Never before has a law been passed that instantly creates such a large number of "criminals" and requiring their "arrest".But before you stated that you stated this:This law requires the arrest and detention of all people in the state of Arizona who are not "legally" in the United States.If they are not "legally" in the United States they are "criminals" and the federal government should have dealt with this problem years ago.Arizona didn't instantly make "illega immigrants" "illegal" they already were.If ICE picks them up they don't take them out for ice cream and cookies they arrest,imprison,and deport them.

Bobby your answer to this is a Governor that has completely lost her marbles. She is doing a terrific job of ruining Arizona economically. I am wondering where she is going to find all of the Caucasians to do all the agricultural work in our State for $4 an hour. I am wondering when Mexico is going to place a boycott to Arizona on agricultural goods. You'll be paying dearly for your fruits and vegetables. Landscaping businesses will be forced to pay higher wages which in turn will get passed on to the consumer. Brewer and all of her Republican cronies need to get tossed out of office this November. And if anyone thinks differently, God help this State. Then we may as well secede to Mexico in hopes of collecting foreign aid to recover.

Wait, this law means people will be forced to pay living wages? Heaven forbid.

I'm still against it, because they aren't going to deport 400,000 people all at once. They're going to harass and brutalize maybe a dozen a day. It won't do anything to affect immigration policy other than to make life shittier for people.

I made a controversial 93 sec video that is drawing a lot of comments from white, straight people in AZ. It's at: I get the impression that they have forgotten that they have been part of the US for 98 years and that means they have to follow our laws, especially the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights against illegal search and seizure. It's not the Old West where they can make up laws as they go along.

And if you ask any of them if they can tell who is illegal just by looking at them and they ignore the question. The rest of the country doesn't disagree there is a problem with too many illegal people in the country. AZ thinks that taking the rights away from all Latinos will fix the problem. Maybe we should just nuke AZ and start from scratch. That's exactly what the law is doing.

twinkie1cat | May 11, 2010 12:01 AM

Why build prisons? The sheriff already houses inmates in tents and outdoor pens. A few months ago a woman died of a heat stroke after being left in a pen for several hours.

Since they are not even people under the law, just "illegals", all they really have to do is contract with the Republicans for some cattle cars and take them out into the desert. So why build more than a fence and maybe a "shower" or two. The "final solution" is complete.