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Gender and Sexuality

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Sent in by Projector Tim, this is "a powerful video made by a genderqueer youngster that gets to the heart of the transgender vs. gay schism." Thanks Tim!

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Tim, I really enjoyed watching your video. I thought it was funny that while I watched it, there was a big ad for "" right next to it on the Bilerico site. I don't watch a lot of videos, but I thought your style was very engaging, kind of like a Moses painting. I especially liked your description of gender and sexuality at the end as a "big bluuuh mush." Very evocative. :) And true, in my opinion.

As I watched, and you asked why some people in the lesbian and gay community feel that gender norms must be enforced among gay people, I was reminded of the term to describe this phenomenon: homonormativity. And then there's the article I wrote a while back for the Journal of Bisexuality, called "GL v. BT," where I proposed that the reason for this is power relations, rather than mere distaste or reflexive adoption of heterosexual gender norms.

Anyway, thanks for making the video. I wish I could do one too, but I'm still too scaredy-cat to do it.