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Glee's Lady Gaga episode

Filed By Bil Browning | May 26, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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Last night was the big Lady Gaga episode of Glee and it didn't disappoint. The episode focused on Kurt's relationship with Finn - the gay kid and the jock. Their parents are dating and decide to move in together which means the two guys will have to share a room. Finn's uncomfortable with the arrangement and in an emotional showdown resorts to using anti-gay slurs.

With the show's huge following among women and teenagers, I wonder how it played outside of the community. Will Constance McMillen's former classmates see themselves in the Westboro Baptist Church members who recently picketed their school?

I won't spoil the ending for you, but suffice it to say the show gives queer viewers a melodramatic hug usually reserved for after-school specials. Full episode after the jump.


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TorridJoe | May 26, 2010 3:26 PM

I think it's Finn with an F, as in Huck. I was impressed by the treatment of Finn's discomfort by the dad. Few shows lay it out like that in prime time.

i actually think it's "Finn" not Vinn

D'oh! Once is a typo. Twice is a brain fart. You'd think I actually watched the show or something. *sighs*

I was chatting with some co-workers today. Both African-American women- and they were like did you see Glee last night? Beyond excited. I was like yeah.

They both were so excited about what Kurt's dad did. Both said, we've been waiting for him to do that. Wasn't that awesome? I had to say yes.

I couldn't really say that Kurt makes my skin crawl, that the whole time his dad is standing up for him I'm praying "don't cry kurt, don't cry kurt."

But it really makes your point- it was nice to see these two women- not homophobes by any means- but not folks I would think of as kick ass allies- really so happy to see Kurt's dad fight back and stand up for his son.

I hope they would do the same thing with their own children and relatives- and maybe a little bit of the glee would give them the courage to do that.

Myself- Kurt just drives me crazy. He is one giant walking stereotype. But hell, stereotypes can have an impact to, in a positive way.

CapitalistPiggy ...

I'm thrilled you kept the fact the Kurt makes your skin crawl from your co-workers. I'm also happy you shared it here, because it seems to me you have a problem with effeminate men (similar to the issue at hand in this GLEE episode).

Finn had an epiphany. I hope you do as well.

As for the episode, it brought tears to my eyes to see Kurt's dad (whose lately had a serious daddy crush on Finn) completely unload on Finn at the utterance of the F-word.

I'm in my forties and almost cried. There nothing wrong with crying, CapitalistPiggy. And there is certainly nothing wrong with a highschooler crying in the face of such a powerful confirmation of his father's love for him.

I was dragged kicking and screaming into watching GLEE by my twenty-something BF. I love him more for it. This is the most powerful (and entertaining episode I've seen yet [did she nail Streisand or what?]).

CapitalistPiggy, I feel like a stereotype for getting giddy now as a new Glee episode is about to come on. But so what? There are so many young guys just like Kurt out there who need to see themselves on screen; who dream that their own dad will come to there defense in the same way.

Anyway ... nuff said on that. Great episode of a phenomenal show and thanx Bil Browning for the write up. ;-)

I'm curious to read this take on it, and appreciate it.

I got up this morning to look for articles on the poor treatment of gay people in Glee.

The reason is that while Finn's reaction was wrong, he was right in that Kurt did push him into a corner. Kurt's character, in a manipulative and self-serving way, imposed on Finn a series of insane expectations that few, especially a teenager, could rise above.

Kurt's conniving to trap Finn have been embarrassing to watch and I thought played right into the whole idiocy that homophobes project onto gay men as nothing more than sexual predators.

To me the one very bright point on this was Kurt's father's defense of his son, and his reasoning behind it. Although I don't see how one maintains "family" while kicking a new member out. That WMD should never be used if you truly value family.

Overall, I think Glee is marked by insanely bad writing. It appears the writers don't know where to go or what to do and are mining mundane drama for the sake of moving the story between its fun musical numbers.

The messages of Glee are contradictory and muddy as are the characters who go between extremes of nobility of soul and the pettiest of petty actions in a cartoonish and confusing manner.

All that said, I would really like to hear more takes on this and see where I may be thinking about this incorrectly.

Okay, m!lo ... Kurt's machinations to get into Finns pants are painful to watch, but not for the reasons you say. It's always painful watching someone throw themselves at an unrequited love. Why? Maybe because we've all done it once or twice way back when, and it usually ends, well, painfully.

But to say it plays into the gay "predator" stereotype the right likes to wave around like a boogey man is just wrong. What teenage boy ISN'T a bit of a predator? Gay, straight, all teenage boys grab what they want and drag it onto the mating dancefloor.

Kurt is just a normal gay boy in love/lust. Had I been in his shoes about to share a bedroom with my crush object, I would have already been planning ways to seduce him. Yes, at Kurts age, I did nothing but plot to seduce my friends (mostly were wildly unsuccessful).

As for the rest of your Glee critique, I can't help but to think you're been watching a different show.

Oh darn! It says the video is not available on Hulu. I was hoping for my pop culture moment of the day.

I think Finn has some unresolved issues about his sexuality. Doesn't every kid at that age? Their hormones are raging - they shower together after gym and check out one another's junk and suddenly they get a boner and OH MY GOD! I'm GAY! Not necessarily, but sometimes they might just wanna experiment to make sure one way or the other.

Kurt might get into Finn's knickers before this is all over, and with plenty of assistance from Finn. (What was that he said the next day? "I AM different!) We all know about those high school sleepovers. (No, Ed, tell us! Sure, some rainy night in front of the fire...) Just watching Finn deal with the guilt should be worth a Golden Globes nomination in itself.