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Great Global Kiss-in in Paris

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Waymon posted about the Great Global Kiss-in last week, with events all over the world in advance of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I went this afternoon; more on that after the jump. Did you participate? NYC and SF have kiss-ins set up for tomorrow.


It's remarkable how little same-sex PDA there is in the City of Lights, the city of lovers, the capital of the Socialist and Licentious Hated Anti-Real America. I can count on one hand the same-sex couples I've seen holding hands in Paris outside the gayborhood. But this kiss-in got people out (that's 7.4 km):


There have been a few other kiss-ins this past year in Paris, but the location they chose for this one was much better (it was the same place as the IDAHO kiss-in last year). Not in front of a department store and not forced to move, with great photo opportunities and symbolism. Le Parvis des droits de l'homme, the Human Rights Court, is a busy park on Sundays that had hip hop dancers, an American musician singing hits from the 80's and 90's, the dudes you see near all tourist sites selling keychains and glow sticks, Falun Dafa practitioners, as well as lots of people just taking Sunday walks with their families.

And, of course, the Eiffel Tour is right behind it.

A friend of Alberto's from was there to film, and I saw France 3 (TV) and the AFP (like the AP) interviewing people before the event. When we got close to go-time, organizers in red T-shirts appeared:


The whistle blew a little after 4, and we got to kissing. There were probably around 150 participants, as well as an equal number of on-lookers. I tried to take photos and participate, and I grabbed the short video below.

This photo shows just how many on-lookers there were:


The second whistle blew five minutes later. Everyone applauded and went on with their day.

Here's information from Waymon on the demos that are set for tomorrow:

San Francisco -- Monday, May 17, Kiss-in & Solidarity Speak Out, Harvey Milk Plaza, Market and Castro Streets, 5:00 PM

Portland, Oregon -- Monday, May 17, Great Global Kiss-in, Pioneer Square, 701 southwest 6th Ave, 2-3 pm.

New York City -- Monday, May 17, Times Square, at the base of the red TKTS staircase, 6-7pm.

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Where's the picture of you and Alberto smooching? :)

Too busy holding the camera. Maybe one of the other media outlets will put out some video in the next 50-150 days (this is France).