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Woman Enough to Take Your Man: Happy Birthday Jill!

Filed By Bil Browning | May 11, 2010 10:30 AM | comments

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It's birthday time! Dr. Jillian Weiss is turning *mumble mumble* today! Since she's a rather private person, I thought I'd share some of her extraordinary background with you.

Jill was the second of eight children; her youngest sister is country singer Crystal Gayle. She grew up in Loretta_Lynn.jpgButcher Hollow, a mining community near Paintsville, Kentucky. Her mother was Jewish and her father was a coal miner, storekeeper, and farmer. She was married to Oliver Weiss, commonly known as "Doolittle" or "Mooney" (for running moonshine), at age 13. In an effort to break free of the coal mining industry, they moved to Mahwah, New Jersey when she was 16. The Weiss's had four children - Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Cissy, and Ernest Ray - by the time she was 19, and subsequently had twin girls, Peggy and Patsy.

Jill always had a passion for music. Before getting married, she regularly sang at churches and in local concerts. After she married, she stopped singing in public, wishing rather to focus on her family life, but she passed her love of music on to her children, often singing to them around the house. When Jill was 24, Doolittle bought her a guitar as an anniversary present, which she taught herself to play. Although Kitty Wells had become the first major female country vocalist during the 1950s, by the time Jill recorded her first record, only three other women - Patsy Cline, Skeeter Davis, and Jean Shepard - had become top stars. By the end of 1962, it was clear that she was on her way to becoming the fourth.

Think I'm just picking on Jill because it's her birthday? Watch her sing two of her hit songs after the jump when you leave her a comment to wish her a "Happy Birthday!"

Happy Birthday Jill!

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Oh my gawd you are too effing hilarious! I just laughed so hard, people in the next office think I'm losing my marbles.

And by the way, by the end of 1962, I was learning to walk.

Thank you, Bil for your birthday wishes.

But . . . aren't you losing your marbles anyway? (giggle)

You basically gave away your age. If I'm right, we will have to have a BIG celebration next year. I'll check to see if there's a sale on black balloons.

You are such a wonderful person. Darlene and I send you our love.

Thanks, Monica. Yes, next year is the big one.

Happy Birthday to an outstanding writer/analyst/community motivator. Every time I drive down Ramapo Valley Road, I think of you.

Too funny...happy birthday Jill!

Except "Jill's" birthday is April 14.

Happy Birthday Jillian!


Methinks Bil damns Dr Weiss with faint praise!

Her tireless advocacy and her willingness to place herself into the public eye - and the targeting it entails - is nothing short of exemplary. I should be so effective!

Congratulations on another year behind you and may many more happy ones come in the future!

hugs & smiles

If you really want to give me a birthday present, you'll send a letter to your Congressmembers with this one-click site:

Happy Birthday Dr Jillian, and I have given you the present you requested.

Although I live in Arizona........Mr Kyl, Mr McCain and Mr Shadegg are not likely to be swayed. ;-)


kori mika | May 11, 2010 1:40 PM

Happy Birthday Jillian!! Wow next year is the big one! Yep, turning 29 sure is BIG! Hope you have many more.

Hugo Dann | May 11, 2010 2:56 PM

Happy birthday from Nova Scotia. Now if Congress would just get a move on and pass ENDA today, then the POTUS could give you a shiny pen as a present!
Very best of the day and many, many more!!

I'm late to the party, but happy birthday, Jill! (I found reaching The Big One to be quite freeing, actually. See if it does the same for you next year.)

Jillian bubby, just this once, for your birthday, pretty-please, could you give us some of your award-winning hog calling (Jewish style)?

Happy birthday, ya little whippersnapper!!

Fun stuff. I'm sure the truth about Jillian Weiss will be even more shocking when we actually learn about it (perhaps an experience with employment discrimination in the KGB led her to her current position?).

Happy birthday, Jill!

Alex! Don't blow her cover! Remember those papers we signed to never divulge her true identity? Do you want the KGB knocking on the doors of the Bilerico Media's Paris branch again?

Well, they were kinda hot....

Vy dahling, Pochemu milaya ya ne agent KGB. Nyet.

Okay, let me see if I can get this straight. (Ha, Ha) Jillian is a transgender, KGB agent, a popular Country singer, with children, a husband, a law professor and a political activist. Did I miss anything?

Hey! Wait! If you're the Professor, where is Mary Ann? I think this calls for an investigative reporter.

Thanks for your birthday wishes, Monica

Happy Birthday, Jillian! --from a coal miner's granddaughter

Happy birthday, Jill! *sings to the birthday girl*

That's Butcher Holler!

Happy Birthday, Comrade! Hope it was excellent.

Barbara Curry | May 12, 2010 6:23 AM

@Monica... skip Mary Ann, WHERE's Ginger???

JW: "next year is the big one. "
You and Jack Benny...

Seriously, You have lived your life so very well in service to so many of us, Thank YOU Jillian... and let this be but a weypoint in long journey!

Happy (Belated) Birthday