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How many gays work at NARTH?

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According to this story from the Miami New Times, NARTH is trying to cover up the Reker/Rentboy scandal.

After the story broke last week, Rekers sent Lucien a questionnaire with questions about what exactly happened during their trip to Spain and England. Lucien didn't agree to fill it out, so Rekers filled it out. So Lucien got Rekers on the speakerphone and fun ensued:

After the interview concluded, Lucien suddenly called Rekers over speakerphone. New Times reporters jotted down notes.

Lucien asked Rekers repeatedly if anyone else had been involved in the questionnaire. "Yeah, one of the guys who's on the board of a professional organization with me," Rekers said.

That "professional organization" was NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, a homophobic group that seeks to eliminate homosexuality.

The conversation continued:

"First, I got some advice from the public relations people at a professional organization," Rekers said.

What was the advice from the unnamed organization? "The only way to make this news story go away is to make your first statement and then stop giving interviews," Rekers told Lucien.

As Lucien kept digging for details, Rekers finally admitted that the "professional organization" was NARTH.

You've got to wonder why NARTH was involved in this cover-up. If they don't like gays, why were they trying to help one keep his secret and his position on their board? If they think gays can change, wouldn't they want him to admit he has a problem so that they can help turn him straight?

It seems to me that there are more a few homosexuals working there at NARTH, searching for solutions to their deepest, darkest secret. They look at Rekers and they don't see a stranger or the enemy - they think that it could have been any one of them.

Otherwise, it's hard to see what interest NARTH would have in keeping this guy's secret.

Here's the questionnaire NARTH and Rekers made up and sent to the Miami New Times:

1. Did Dr. Rekers in fact hire you to lift my luggage when necessary as a travel assistant during the trip, because I cannot do so myself since I had surgery?

Together we agreed that I in fact hired him to lift luggage when necessary as a travel assistant during the trip, because I cannot do so himself since having surgery. We agreed that this is what my travel assistant agreed to do for pay prior to taking the trip.

2. Did you in fact lift my luggage during the trip each time it was necessary, or did Dr Rekers lift his own luggage during the trip?

We agreed that my travel assistant did in fact lift my luggage each time it was necessary, that I did not lift my luggage, and my travel assistant did all the lifting.

3. Did Dr. Rekers hire you as a prostitute for the trip?

We agreed that I hired him as a companion and to help with luggage, and that I did not hire him as a prostitute for any sexual purpose.

4.Did Dr. Rekers spend time explaining how the Christian faith is based in love to you during the trip?

We agreed that I explained the Christian faith to my travel assistant in conversations on several days during the trip.

Rekers has since resigned from NARTH (because they have a great image to maintain), and here's NARTH's statement on this matter:

"I am immediately resigning my membership in NARTH to allow myself the time necessary to fight the false media reports that have been made against me. With the assistance of a defamation attorney, I will fight these false reports because I have not engaged in any homosexual behavior whatsoever. I am not gay and never have been." --George A. Rekers, Ph.D.

NARTH has accepted Dr. Rekers' resignation and would hope that the legal process will sufficiently clarify the questions that have arisen in this unfortunate situation. We express our sincere sympathy to all individuals, regardless of their perspective, who have been injured by these events. We also wish to reiterate our traditional position that these personal controversies do not change the scientific data, nor do they detract from the important work of NARTH. NARTH continues to support scientific research, and to value client autonomy, client self-determination and client diversity.

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I have sympathy for anyone recovering from surgery. So I went looking for information on Dr. Reker's surgery to see has severe it was. For all I knew it was triple bypass heart surgery or it could have been something simple like hemorrhoid removal. Now I know medical information is private but he has used his recent surgery as part of his reason for needing a travel companion so I expected to at least find some reference to what type of surgery he had. Nothing. That is what I found. Now that leaves me wondering.

Hernias do affect people's ability to lift things. And Lucien said that he was carrying most of the luggage. That doesn't really prevent funny business, though.

It'd be interesting to know if the hotels he stayed in offer two small beds or one big one. It's something Alberto and I run into often here - they assume, without asking, we want one with two small beds. When we did our three week trip in the US, though, most of the motels came with two big ones since everything's bigger in America.

I have now seen 3 different versions. One said three hernia operations. One said back problems. The third simply said an operation (singular). All are unconfirmed. I think this is a key point people are overlooking. Unless there is confirmation of a specific recent operation his story falls apart big time. It is about as lame an excuse at this point as my ex boyfriend once calling me to say he is too exhausted from work to drop by and not realizing I could hear the party noises in the background.

Perhaps NARTH could use the services of a good grammarian...

Three words for "Dr." Rekers and NARTH: FULL OF SHIT!

Well, as Thorton Wilder writes in The Matchmaker", "Money, if you'll excuse the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a damn unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow."

In this instance, I'd say that Rekers and NARTH are an insult to the concept of shit.

I just wanted to point out a minor correction. NARTH stands for "National Asoocation of Research and THERAPY of Homosexuals" not truth.

I only point that out becuase what they call "therpy" is just plain unethical by any reasonalble mental health organization (i.e., APA, ACA, NASW).

I'm a little amazed by the "advice" they gave him. Make a statement and hope it goes away.

Thanks for catching that. fixed.