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Let's look at the numbers

Filed By Bil Browning | May 27, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"A man who says he is straight but is having sex with other men is more likely to be married than a straight man who has sex with women, according to the survey. Only 54% of the men who say they're straight and have sex with women are married, compared with the 70% marriage rate among the men who say they're straight but have sex with men."

-- A 2006 study by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The group also discovered that 10% of all married men reported same-sex behavior during the previous year.

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well, i used to think i was straight. but i guess i would skew those statistics a little the other way, too. my sexual escapades with men originated while i was single. i got married, fantasized madly about being with men for a long portion of that marriage; only after a divorce from my wife did i once again engage in sexual activity with men. and, of course, that's when i came to the realization that those gay urges were not simply fantasies but the innermost part of me begging to come out.

I do not know the surveys but I know there are a lot more people having sex with those of the same sex than are admitting to it. Just as there are a lot more guys dressing up as females in private who will admit to doing so. I wish all these people would come out of their closets and then perhaps we might get laws like an Inclusive ENDA passed and DADT removed, along with that DOMA crap which I still cannot believe has not been found Unconstitutional. However they seem to often be those who cry the loudest against the LGBTQ community having any rights.

Not surprising. Most of my partners were guys who identified as straight and I've been "the other woman" of a hetero marriage for 26 years now.