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For this kind of money, I'd pretend to be straight too:

Anti-gay psychologist George Rekers charged Florida $300 an hour to testify as an expert witness in a trial defending Florida's ban on gay people adopting. The state planned to cap Rekers' fee at $60,900 -- but paid him $120,693 after he exceeded his contracted hours.

It reminds me of those columns conservatives still turn out regularly against the minimum wage. They just find it offensive that someone working the line at McDonald's or picking vegetables could get paid $7 and hour.

They never seem to go after characters like Rekers (and he's definitely not the only one), getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for their work. $300 and hour? Even if he were providing actual expert testimony, I'll just say here that his work wouldn't be worth that much. No one's is.

That's for the 400 hours he billed them for. I remember when I worked at Subway, you couldn't get away with billing the manager for an extra 10 minutes they way they stood over you and looked at when you clocked in and out. I'm guessing no one actually checked to see that he worked all those 400 hours on their case, made sure he wasn't looking for gay porn online.

Of course they didn't. They just paid it because he was an upstanding citizen, a rich person like one who them, and all upstanding citizens deserve their piece of the pie. It's not like they're going to blow the money on trips to Europe with prostitutes, unlike those Welfare Queens who buy lobster with foodstamps.

The rest of us have to work tirelessly, after our jobs, to convince Congress that our labor is worth even $7 an hour. It may not be enough to live on in many places in the US, but it's better than what employers want to pay for an hour's work, which is nothing.

But, unlike nice people like George Rekers, the rest of us don't deserve such considerations. If we don't like it, then we should start ex-gay orgs so that we can be hired to say stupid things in court that'll just get thrown out anyway.

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Andrew Belonsky Andrew Belonsky | May 12, 2010 3:48 PM

Ha! It's a bit like "ex-gay for pay," then, a perverted twist on another troubling sexual market: "gay for pay."

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | May 12, 2010 5:54 PM

Next thing you know somebody will call Fred Phelps as an expert witness on the statistical link between America's acceptance of homosexuality and the eruption of that Iclandic volcano (the one with the big name that means "Satan" when spelled backwards). Alex, you need to get back to the States to qualify as a counter-expert, something that has to be worth a bit more than $ 7.00 an hour. But choose your flights carefully, especially if they go very far north and the male flight attendants are.....well, you know.

$300 an hour is cheap for an expert witness on anything. But 400 hours? I think not.

I've been an expert witness in a computer forensics case. I had to record every keystroke, explain what I was doing on tape, it was like defusing a bomb.

I proved it was not fraud, but negligence. I billed for 35 hours over 3 weeks. The side paying me weren't happy - they wanted blood. The other side caved as soon as they saw my report, and paid in full. In Australia, an Expert Witness, regardless of who pays them, is supposed to be for the Court, not for either side.

It's demanding work, resisting pressure like that. Next time I'd charge more per hour that $300.

Rekers... did a spectacularly poor job, hopelessly incompetent. He'd obviously not studied the books on the subject.

Zoe's right. $300 an hour is for rookie expert witnesses. I've seen $500, $600, $1000 an hour. Remember, they often have to review thousands of pages of court papers and testimony, write up a thick report, give hours of depositions and testimony themselves. In a complicated case lasting a year or two, 400 hours is certainly possible.

I'm not surprised that Zoe is surprised. Other countries' litigation systems are far more rational than in the US. Litigation costs are out of control here, Zoe, and this is part of the reason why.

But you're also right, Alex, that this is the grasping upper middle-class at its daisy chain worst.

It reminds me of something Natalie Wood said years ago. Before Elizabeth Taylor broke through the one-million-dollar ceiling for her role in Cleopatra, Natalie Wood was paid something like $600,000+ for an insignificant little movie called Penelope, about a woman who robs her husband's bank. I doubt the movie made that much at the box office. Somebody asked her if she thought she was worth it, and her classic response was, "Is anybody?"

The point is, if somebody is crazy enough to pay you an outrageous amount of money, take it. I'm angrier at the state of Florida for being so stupid by paying this asshole that kind of money.

Of course, I have mixed feelings about Rekers being paid $300 an hour to testify regarding something he obviously knows nothing about. This is nothing new. That blowhard Rush Limpdick gets millions to lie on radio everyday.

As for Rekers, rent boys aren't cheap. I still think "Lucien" should have held out for a few dollars more than he was paid by that hypocritical slug.

What in the hell could he have spent 400 hours on?

For gosh Sake Bill! He had to read about, view, and try out the gay life style so he could testify against it! Why do you think he had rentboy with him on the trip? He was making some Billable hours!
It would come as no surprise that he was going to bill for those hours!