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My (no longer) secret plan to become rich

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For those of you with mobile devices (especially iPhones), you've probably heard of/used/are using foursquare, the application that lets you "check in" and tell the world where you are - this or that cafe, a national park, your workplace, etc. I don't use the application myself, but all my friends seem to relish it for two reasons: (1) a fun new way of exploring and learning about their city/country, and (2) bragging to all their friends where they are at that moment.

If you're gay and mobile, I bet you've almost definitely heard of Grindr, a mobile application allowing guys to see which cute and interesting guys are immediately nearby, no matter where they are, to facilitate meeting and, ahem, often further activities should they, ahem, arise.

Today, I unveil an idea for a new application that's sure to revolutionize gay dating, social networking, and (hopefully) make me millions in the process.*#

*Anyone who's reading this and a mobile app developer, drop me a line!

#To anyone considering stealing this idea, I will make bad karma for you the rest of your life.

I call it foursquaresex (tentatively, anyway). Foursquaresex combines the best of both apps in one. You create a profile on with characteristics like height, race, hobbies, coughsizecough, and, of course, a face pic. Other guys also create profiles across the network. Then, when you go home with someone, or even hook up in some random place where you live, you can "check in" with the profile of the guy you're hooking up with. It's the telling your friends part of foursquare meets the sexual aspect of Grindr.

To prevent people from lying about who they're going home with, it has to be mutually verifiable. When you meet guys out that night, you ask them if they want to "bump." This is lifting a page out of the "Bump" app for iPhone, which allows you to share your contact info with someone you meet merely by physically bumping your phones against each other, instead of having to meticulously type it in. With foursquaresex, you "bump" your phones against each other with the apps open on each phone. This serves as an "ok" from you and your prospective partner that you're both interesting in sharing who you're going home with to the world. It gets done in a non-awkward way, e.g., without having to ask each other formally about it, sitting there typing in details about each other, etc. Just one bump and you can get on with business.

You can even use foursquaresex for dating; tell everyone about the hot guy you're going on an exciting date with. Share as many details as you want. Travel the country or world and tell everyone about the exciting guys you're getting action with. The possibilities are endless.

Okay, so that's my hopefully brilliant idea that is sure to make me millions and make millions of gay guys happy. And if it goes to market, I will be sure to call upon you, Projectors, to kick the tires.

In the meantime, happy mobile app'ing.

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How straight are you, again? That's the gayest App I've ever heard of.

You're a goofball, Adam.

Andrew - he's gay, not straight.