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Neil Patrick Harris on Glee

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What do you get when you combine Neil Patrick Harris and Glee? No, not an implosion of the queer universe, you get one helluva TV show!

My celebrity boyfriend was last night's guest star on everyone's favorite singing high school extravaganza. neil-patrick-harris-glee.jpgOf course, it was simply stellar - as is everything that NPH graces with his presence.

He played Brian Ryan, an old nemesis of choir teacher Mr. Shuster, a school board member bent on cutting the Glee club after he wasn't able to make it big as a singer. Ryan was the Glee club star when the two men were in high school.

After Jane Lynch's character, Sue Sylvester, has sex with Ryan in her school office, one of our friends who was watching with us leaned over and said, "Boy, talk about a gay sex scene!" Oh, I wish. Neil Patrick Harris in a gay sex scene? Be still my beating heart (and a certain other body part!).

Catch the full episode after the jump.

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Didja notice how a couple of times as NPH was coming into a scene, he was kind of warming up his voice a la Dr. Horrible practicing his laugh.

Was a great episode....

But wait! Aren't you supposed to hate Glee?! We're all supposed to be boycotting Glee cause Sue Sylvester is a walking caricature, but even satire is evil when it's anti-LGBT!!!!1!!1one

We should disavow Jane Lynch. Let's kick her out of the gay club for not refusing to openly mock bigotry with her massive soapbox. Take her lesbian membership card away! She clearly doesn't support us.

And Neil Patrick Harris! He knew about it all ahead of time, but he didn't boycott! Kick him out too!

"Be still my beating heart (and a certain other body part!)."

Bil! Hilarious...that was the best scene in the show and I accidentally saw it. I kinda hate that show, but walked in the room when I saw NPH and Lynch in their pissing match.

and now you just made it hotter.

Wish I could have watched this!

Paris vs good TV

You made the choice, my friend. :)