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Primary election results from last night

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In Pennsylvania, progressive Joe Sestak beat Republican Democrat Arlen Specter 54-46. That's a big upset, what with Specter getting support from Organizing for America, the DSCC, and Obama himself. Rep. Sestak has a 95% rating from HRC and has been outspoken about ending DADT, and cosponsored ENDA; Sen. Specter has a 70% rating and cosponsored ENDA.

In Arkansas, there was no majority winner and Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Governor Bill Halter will to a run-off. It's another upset - Lincoln was supported by Bill Clinton and Obama and had the state Democratic Party machine behind her. She also has a 70% rating from HRC, voted against FMA, and has refused to take a position on ENDA; Halter helped fundraise against Act 1 in 2008, which banned gay adoption by banning non-married, non-single people from adopting.

Both Lincoln and Specter became symbols of Democratic inaction in Congress, of the establishment ignoring assorted leftist - and even liberal - causes to advance pro-business agenda. Is this a message Democrats can hear?

In Kentucky, Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul, beat Republican establishment candidate Trey Grayson. The campaign went down the "I'm more homophobic than you are" path, even though Paul opposes FMA because he thinks the government should stop performing marriages.

In other election results, the Victory Fund is touting Lucia Guzman's win in a special election to Colorado's state legislature. She's their fourth openly gay state rep. Matthew Vanderpool, who openly gay as well, won the Democratic nod to run for Kentucky's state legislature.

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Renee Thomas | May 19, 2010 1:54 PM

With respect to the question, did the Democratic leadership get the message, it's worth a call or an email to your congress peeps (in particular Reid, Pelosi and The Fierce Advocate in Chief) to remind them that the liberal-progressive wing of the party seems to be wired in and paying attention and they (we) are in an increasingly pissy mood with business as usual.

A. J. Lopp | May 19, 2010 2:23 PM
... even though Paul opposes FMA because he thinks the government should stop performing marriages.

Only from a libertarian!

Well, let's face it ... if gays can't get married and neither can straights, that at least is another form of equality.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | May 19, 2010 4:23 PM

The elections will play out in this context: "An average of 23% of Americans have been satisfied with the way things are going in the United States this year, including 24% in the most recent update. That is well below the 40% historical average and is the lowest Gallup has measured in any midterm election year." Gallup today.

For decades Democrat and Republican lawmakers have joined in a bipartisan attack on the standard of living of working people, small farmers, independent truckers, etc.

Clintons NAFTA, Carter, Clinton and Bush's deregulation, Reagan's job export and Reagan and Obama's union busting created widespread pauperization, wrecking the economy. They produced unemployment figures not seen since the earlier depression - 17.1% for April, 2010 - and widespread homelessness.

Now Democrats and Republicans are beginning to pay the price. Economic collapse is creating widespread radicalization and deep social and political polarization. Class warfare by the looter class creates class warfare by workers. People are moving hard to the left and hard to the right.

The Republicans, one way or another, will fall to the Teabaggers, most likely by being taken over. As Republicans move further to the right, Democrat-Dixiecrats will follow suit.

For right wing parties like the Democrats and Republicans there's nowhere to go. But for the left the opportunities for mass action and independent political action are just beginning.

This is not the year to be running for reelection if you have an opponet you just may get the sack as both parties are in a throw the bums out mode not just the Tea bagger types.So we have to watch who gets elected and where they stand on our issues as the new kid on the block just may not be a friend no matter what party label they are wearing.

Side bar on Senator RHINO/DINIO Specter he may be on the ballot as a independnet so far no word on that but he strikes me as the kind of politics is my job guy who would do that and probaly cost the seat to the Rhino form the Tea Party.

Have you seen the video of Rachel Maddow's interview with Rand Paul last night? Oh. Holy. Shit.

She gets him to agree that segregation should be allowed since businesses are private. It's one of the oddest interviews I've ever seen.