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OMG, the Saddam Hussein sex tape

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I feel so much safer knowing that the CIA was planning to make a fake Saddam sex tape:

The CIA secretly plotted to flood Iraq with a fake video making it look like Saddam was having sex with a teenage boy.

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. intelligence agency also targetted Osama bin Laden for the bogus propaganda, making a film purporting to show the al Qaeda leader sitting around a campfire with his cronies, swigging alcohol and discussing their conquests of young boys.

Squabbling over the projects, as well as budget cuts, meant the videos never saw the light of day.[...]

Former intelligence officials claimed the video showing Hussein having sex with a boy would have been staged using actors.

'It would look like it was taken by a hidden camera,' said one ex-CIA agent. 'Very grainy, like it was a secret videotaping of a sex session.'

Even better is the anonymous CIA agent to explain why they decided against this project:

Former intelligence officials dismissed the dirty tricks ideas as 'ridiculous'.

'They came from people whose careers were spent in Latin America or East Asia and didn't understand the cultural nuances of the region,' said an ex-agent.

Another CIA official, who has extensive experience in the region, said: 'Saddam playing with boys would have no resonance in the Middle East - nobody cares.

'Trying to mount such a campaign would show a total misunderstanding of the target. We always mistake our own taboos as universal when, in fact, they are just our taboos.'

Oh, yeah. That's why it's ridiculous.

Reminds me of this revelation from a few years ago, even though it's CIA and this one is military:

The Air Force on Tuesday confirmed a report that in 1994 a military researcher requested $7.5 million to develop a non-lethal "love bomb" that would chemically alter the state of mind of enemy troops and make them want to have sex with each other rather than fight.

Air Force spokeswoman Lt. Col. Cathy Reardon said the idea was proposed by an Air Force researcher at a lab at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, but it was rejected by the Defense Department. Officials noted that the Air Force constantly is considering funding proposals.

I used to say that if we put half the brain power into making people live longer that we put into killing them, we'd all be living to 120. I'm not so sure anymore.

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My mind is reeling. OMG is the only response I have so far...

Meh, bad ideas seem pretty common to me, they're after the one idea that will revolutionize things.

And now, to quote from Terry Pratchett's Small Gods:

"If you spend your whole time thinking about the universe, you tend to forget the less important bits of it. Like your pants. And ninety-nine out of a hundred ideas they come up with are totally useless."
"Why doesn't anyone lock them away safely, then? They don't sound much use to me," said Brutha.
"Because the hundredth idea," said Om.


"That's why it's always worth having a few philosophers around the place. One minute it's all Is Truth Beauty and Is Beauty Truth, and Does a Falling Tree in the Forest Make a Sound if There's No one There to Hear It, and then just when you think they're going to start dribbling one of 'em says, Incidentally, putting a thirty-foot parabolic reflector on a high place to shoot the rays of the sun at an enemy's ships would be a very interesting demonstration of optical principles," he added. "Always coming up with amazing new ideas, the philosophers. The one before that was some intricate device that demonstrated the principles of leverage by incidentally hurling balls of burning sulphur two miles. Then before that, I think, there was some kind of an underwater thing that shot sharpened logs into the bottom of ships."

I remember the "furore in a Fiestaware teacup" over the "love bomb" -- it truly was one of the more idiotic ideas (and there have been plenty, that's for sure!) to come out of that five sided building. Maybe the lack of rooms with real four corners makes them all a little wacky...

Paige Listerud | May 26, 2010 7:07 PM

Okay--I, too, am utterly flummoxed.

I have known for years that the CIA vetted articles for our media, with the purpose of manufacturing consent.

However, I never dreamed that would lead to: THE CIA PRODUCING PORN. And the notion that the videos were halted, post-production, because of lack of funding is also bizarre. Hey, CIA, that kind of thing would never happen in the free market--maybe you should become real porn producers!

To those agents whose pornographic artistic vision was denied, all I can say is--you work for the CIA. What did you expect?

On a serious note, I am bewildered about another thing: nobody cares about grown men fucking boys in Iraq. That's our taboo. Got it. How, then, can militia's drum up enough anti-gay hate to cause the witch-hunt murders of gay men, plus torture which involves gluing their assholes shut? Somebody explain it to me like I'm ten.

I know, that's what pisses me off the most here - didn't we say we were in Iraq to promote democracy? If we're lying to them about who their leaders are/were, then, um, how are we living up to that at all?

Yeah, and all the other times we've thwarted their sovereignty, etc.

I always pictured Saddam as a bottom.

Isn't this close to the same part of the world where bacha bazi boys are abused and not much is done about it? My guess is that despite the strictures against child sex and homosexuality in Islam, it's given a wink and a nod as long as you're not too open about it. Kind of like the U.S. and being a gay legislator.