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She's a winner at the poker table and she is OUT

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My partner, Cheryl, watches poker on TV. You may not realize it, but poker is a sport. Ask the ESPN channels that regularly carry the big tournaments. I go for the WNBA myself, but Cheryl prefers poker. Vanessa_Selbst.jpgShe comes to one Washington Mystics game a year, and I watch poker championships with her on a very occasional basis.

Well today I came home from the gym and the grocery, and my key was still in the door when she called out, "Guess what's happened!" I raced in to the TV room to find the DVR queued up on the final table at the 2010 main event at the Mohegan Sun. (Nice symmetry there...the WNBA Connecticut Sun play at the Mohegan Sun!).

And there before my eyes was Vanessa Selbst.

(Picture courtesy of

She's a Yale law student with her eye on becoming a public defender or a civil rights lawyer. And she's got an impressive record as a poker pro.

And she is an out lesbian. I mean one look at her and you know she's a lesbian. But knowing is not the same as, well, knowing. And sure enough, her girlfriend was there, identified as such by the commentators in the same way they identified the wives and girlfriends of the men at the table.

Now it's notable whenever there's a woman at a World or North American Poker Tour final table. They are few and far between. But a young butch dyke, smart at poker and elsewhere, with good politics, and a cute girlfriend...Now that is a sight to behold.

Thanks, Vanessa. You made my day. (and HT to my honey, because you know I don't troll the TV for poker least I didn't til now).

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I'm not a poker fan (it's kinda like watching golf on TV; it's much more fun to play than watch!), but I'd definitely have turned the channel to see her win. She's damned cute and I love to see our community kick ass. :)

And people complain that we don't do many eye candy posts for the ladies....