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I posted a month ago about the Westboro Baptist Church's intent to protest Constance McMillen's graduation. constance-mcmillen-8603_0.jpgI can't find much coverage, but The Advocate says six of the Phelpsters showed up:

Six members of the Kansas-based Westboro Church, mostly members of the Phelps clan, protested the Saturday graduation of IHS with their typical homophobic sturm and drang.

Only Constance isn't going to that school anymore. She transferred because she wanted to finish her school year without being harassed by her classmates:

The lesbian who sued her rural school district over its ban of same-sex prom dates has transferred to a school in Mississippi's capital.

Constance McMillen told The Associated Press on Thursday that she now attends a high school in Jackson, about 180 miles from Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton.

So Constance's classmates (who harassed her after the said she wanted to take a girl to the prom and then pulled the bait-n-switch prom fake-out on her when it became clear she had the right to and was going to the alternative prom) got protested by the Westboro Baptist Church and she didn't.

All I can say is that I like my justice like I like my men: poetic.

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It also proves again something that we've known for some now: Fred Phelps is an idiot. He's so enmeshed in his bigotry and need for the spotlight that he didn't even bother to make sure he was protesting what he was there to protest and instead protested the forces of intolerance he theoretically sides with.

As a great philosopher once said: "Whatta maroon!"

They also tried to picket our local high school (um, I think because they were in the area anyway to picket VA tech and ride the coattails of publicity around the anniversary of the shooting), but didn't realize until the last minute that the high school building is *empty*. A collapsed gym prompted relocation of high school classes to the Middle school, in the evenings.

So yeah; they can't even use google to find out whether their intended targets are actually even present where they plan to picket. These are not bright folks we're talking about, here.

They said the school was their intended target too - they only pretended to hate Constance. Yeah.

Wow...suddenly, I belive that there is a GOD...and he has quite the sense of humor!

Not that many care, but, in my religion, it's *very* well known that the Gods have a sense of humor.

And we're the butt of the joke more often than not.

(yeah, really. Imagine a deity without a sense of humor. Humorless deities scare me...)