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Spring = Shiny Object Syndrome

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Every Spring I get Shiny Object Syndrome. You know, where each new thing that happens demands your attention until something else catches your eye. While I have a bajillion draft posts started, I've not finished them. Instead of trying to flesh out a bunch of posts, I'm putting them all together in one post with tidbits of commentary. Take your pick on which ones you'd like to respond to in the comments section.

LOGO_legalize2.jpgKatherine Davis, Independent candidate for New York Governor: "I can think of few acts as harmless as smoking a joint, even in a public park" That's refreshing. Damn shame the madame who supplied former Governor Sptizer with call girls will never win.

Nickie Antonio is about to become Ohio's first openly queer state lawmaker. says she "won the Democratic primary in the District 13 Ohio State House race that drew no Republican opponents for the fall."

Shirley Phelps-Roper of Westboro Baptist Church will be tonight's guest on The Gay Agenda on Blog Talk Radio. Listen live from 8-9pm Eastern.

Isabella Rosselini is back with more odd short videos about sex. Her new web-only series, Seduce Me, is about animal attraction. Video of Isabella getting laid while pretending to be a cuttlefish after the jump. These might be safe for work. Might.

A not-so-bright reader writes in: "i am looking for the new lemonade flavor rockstar drink. my son is in afghanistan, and i send him the sugar free drink, but whilehe was in albuquerque on leave, he found the new lemonade flavor at gas stations. loved it, even though it isn't sugar free. i live in waco, tx and havent found one can of it yet. where can i get it? can i order a case of it? all the marines drink energy drinks, mainly sugar free. let me know how to purchase it, and please send some to waco!!!! thanks" Short answer: "No."

Projector Nik Maciejewski has posted a good roundup of Chicago-area LGBT news to the Equality Across America blog. It's his first post too so go leave him a supportive comment.

WTF is wrong with the Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok? In a complicated court case, a getty_barrett_horiz.jpgwell known elderly white supremacist was killed by a young black man. Race wasn't the motive, the alleged killer claims the victim propositioned him and is using the "gay panic" defense.

When asked for a statement, Potok told CNN, "if in fact McGee was propositioned, approached in that way, by Barrett, he might have been beyond shocked, he might have been repelled in a way that went beyond some kind of shock."

I'm a little disturbed with the way that statement was going already, but then Potok threw in a good gays-are-secretly-evil jab for good measure. "It is unbelievably common in the white supremacist world to find people who are desperately anti-gay but secretly gay... We've seen a good number of white supremacist leaders who have actually been tossed out of the movement when it was found that they were in fact engaged in gay relationships with men," Potok said.

You know what I've seen? I've seen plenty of well-intentioned allies weigh LGBT issues against other causes and they always find us lacking. In this case, Potok might as well have said, "Well, a lot of white supremacists are vindictive closeted queers so this murder is probably justified since it would have been repulsive to have an older guy hit on me. In fact, I'm gonna guess that race had nothing to do with this at all; I'll just speculate about the gays so I can ignore all the racial tones that overlap this whole tragedy."

Way to weigh all aspects, Potok. You're not helping.

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What racial tones? The guy killed was white and the accused is black. Is there something more than that?

Wendell Cochran | May 6, 2010 8:14 PM

No doubt, the black guy was afraid the white guy was a white supremacist out to kill black men -- with his teeth one penis at a time. Could probably get off by pleading self-defense.