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Sunday Funnies: Betty White Lines, Daily Show gets God Smacked, & Safi and Colbert on Kagan

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Lots of funny LGBT themed videos this week! Let's get right to it!

One of my favorite TV and radio funnymen, Frank DeCaro of "The Frank DeCaro Show" (airs live every weekday on Sirius XM OutQ radio 11 AM - 2PM Eastern), put together a hilarious and funny tribute video to Betty White's best lines. Love it and love Betty White! Can you name the song they sample for extra points? Don't forget to become Frank's facebook fan.

The St. Olaf Glee Club presents "Betty White Lines," a tribute to our favorite Golden Girl!

Starring Frank DeCaro, Fredrick Ford and Jim Colucci. Featuring Frank Carabineris as Dr. Betty and Herman as Himself.

More, including the Daily Show getting God Smacked and Bryan Safi & Colbert on the whispers about Supreme Court nominee Kagan, after the jump!

The Daily Show's Jason Jones looks at violent Christian outreach through ultimate fighting and wrestling (and how it looks really gay...):

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God Smacked
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Jason Jones meets a pastor who teaches mixed martial arts and an evangelist who breaks inanimate objects in the name of Jesus.

Bryan Safi, our favorite satirist from InfoMania's That's Gay, goes after the lazy Wall Street Journal Kagan reporting:

Ever since President Obama nominated Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice, her sexuality has come under question. This week, Bryan Safi salutes the "Wall Street Journal" for its particularly lazy interpretation of the issue.

Stephen Colbert takes part in a little Kagan Worship with Dahlia Lithwick and pokes fun at the whispers about Kagan's sexuality:

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Kagan Worship - Dahlia Lithwick
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Dahlia Lithwick is willing to bet that Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings are going to focus on her lack of judicial experience.

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When I saw your title, at first I thought it said, "Betty White LIVES," and I thought, "Did someone think she was dead? She just hosted SNL!"

Love that extreme ministry. There are far too many people who think jesus loves violence.