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Sunday Funnies: Bryan Safi vs Faux 'Mo, Colbert asks WBWJR-What Boy Would Jesus Rent, & More!

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Bryan Safi, our favorite satirist from InfoMania's That's Gay, goes after the "go fake gay to get the girl" meme:

Wanna get closer to a girl who thinks you're disgusting? Do what TV and movie characters do: Go Faux 'Mo!

More, including Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart's take on the Rekers' outing, after the jump!

Stephen Colbert took on the anti-gay George Rekers/Rent Boy/Luggage-Carrier news story in his 'Alpha Dog of the Week' segment. I especially like his new rent boy cameraman!

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Reverend George Rekers travels to Europe with a male prostitute because he can't lift his own luggage.

Technically, I believe he was looking for someone to hoist his sack. That's why good Christians should always ask themselves, WBWJR -- What Boy Would Jesus Rent

Jon Stewart went after George Rekers on the Daily Show as well with "Family Research Council's European Gaycation" (Rekers commentary starts at around the 7:30 mark):

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Faisal Shahzad forgets his keys, Greece drowns in debt, BP tries to cap the oil spill, and George Rekers rents a male prostitute.

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What would Colbert and Stewart do without comedy icons like George Rekers?

Bryan Safi is sooo damn funny and too cute by half.

Back off, Bil. I'll fight you for Safi. ;)

I love it when people pretend to be gay. It's, like, so original.