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Twinklight: The new gay Twilight porno

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You knew it was, uh, coming. Twinklight, the new gay porn movie based on the runaway vampire franchise Twilight, hits stores on June 30. So far the directors haven't offered a preview copy, but if they send one I'll force myself to watch it just for Projectors.


The flick features tons of twinks biting each other on the neck and copious amounts of fake blood from what I can see in the trailer. They've also got another preview up that actually gives you a taste of the "acting;" you won't be able to stop laughing.


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Isnt it amazing how, when the production values go up (thanks in no small part, Im sure, to all those film students looking for portfolio work), the films themselves just look more and more inane?

:: sigh ::

Give me a 70s era Colt film any day. Those boys know their business, and they dont need splashy (so to speak) titles and trailers to get your attention.

Actually it doesn't just feature tons of twinks having sex.

It features tons of WHITE twinks having sex.

You see, this porn film is like most gay porn: It is an incredible example of sexual racism and sexual segregation.

If you are black, Asian, or darker Latino, then your race is a fetish in most gay porn and you are not good enough (for the most part) to play sexually with the white boys.

Or, if you are black, Asian, or darker Latino then you play in segregated videos with only people of your own "race" and skin color, and usually the videos are marked with racialized language.

It's sick. It's stupid. It's prehistoric.

Most white gay produced and directed porn is incredibly bigoted stuff. The directors and producers have no sense of anti-racist responsibility (or, in some cases, anti-AIDS responsibility...but that's another story).

Michael Lucas sometimes uses actors of color but they are often included as side-effects and after-thoughts. And he is a complete horror: a ridiculous, vicious, loud-mouthed person.

Even Chi Chi LaRue' recent foray into gay porn with black men is not really about transcending racial boundaries and integration. It's about the same old fetishizing of race, skin color, and bad stereotypes and the casts are still all-black and segregated with stupid titles that wear out terms like "blackballed."

In my experience, most white gay men just don't care about true sexual cultural diversity and sexual integration. And gays of color aren't helping either: They support, buy, and make racist porn too.

True interracial porn will have just as much Asians, blacks, and darker Latinos or indigenous guys as there are whites in every scene.

Only then can we guide each other to know that all skin colors are "hot."

Andy Quan and Tim Mansfield's definition of sexual racism is pretty good:

You're right. I don't remember seeing any POC in the trailer for the flick. Were there any POC in Twilight? (I only saw it once and it wasn't all that memorable really.)

Okay, I'm going to say something that will no doubt sound bigoted as all hell, but WTF...

Honey, get over yourself.

Porn, like everything else these days, is market-driven. The gay men who utilize porn do so because they want to see themselves in some idealized form. They want to be seventeen and hot and hung. Not fifty and flabby and cursed with ED -- and since the grand majority of gay men who enjoy porn are white, then that's what you cater to. No one's gonna go all kum-ba-yah until the market demands it. That's not being racist, unless you consider looking in a mirror a racist act. That's simply the nature of pornography, period.

So... you want to see people of colour in porn? Start developing the market for it. If you'll excuse the pun, it's like the old line about a successful business: find a void and fill it. It's that simple.

Thanks, Bill, for your thoughtful response to my comment. As ever, you demonstrate the best kind of cross-racial, cross-gender coalition building possible in gay news and entertainment on the web.


I am not your "honey" and I do not appreciate being condescended to. I wonder if you speak to all gays of color who challenge you like that. And yes: you do sound like a white gay male bigot, just like you said you would.

So "market forces" should dictate everything in the world? If that were the case then there would be no gay rights or advancement because so much of the time gay experiences (and not just "Will and Grace") are not mainstream or popular.

Your bigotry is really disgusting. It's part of what makes gay sex worlds so deeply bigoted, segregated and un-enlightened.

Stay in the prehistoric, segregated dark ages.

As for me, I'm moving forward to a more enlightened, diverse, integrated sense of gay sexuality.

I think you are jumping to all kinds of unfounded conclusions. Sean does not seem like a bigot to me. He is just saying a business made a decision. So feel free to call me a racist too for defending him. But, I know the truth that I am not so it will not matter. You seem to have a huge chip on your shoulder. No one was even talking about race until you did. But suddenly Sean and most of us are racists because you decide it to be. I don't think so. And you may not like being called honey but he did not mean any harm by it so get over yourself!

I repeat: get over yourself. If you find me a racist bigot, that's your choice, not mine, just as I can look at your post and see "Entitlement!" written across in bright red letters.

Yes, market forces drive this. It's an industry. It will change when the market informs it to, just like rap music objectified women and promoted black-on-white violence until the market said otherwise.

Oh wait... has that happened yet?

Your bigotry is really disgusting. It's part of what makes gay sex worlds so deeply bigoted, segregated and un-enlightened.

You're getting awfully close to a personal attack, Veg. Let's stick to a civil discussion without casting aspersions on people's characters. You have no idea what's in Sean's heart and kneejerk name-calling doesn't benefit anyone.

Sean, while you may be correct that market forces determine this phenomenon, that does not necessarily mean that prejudices do not drive market forces. The two can be, and often are, interdependent. I think it's good to call attention to such prejudices inherent in market forces. And it's kind of an old excuse to say that it's the job of the oppressed to fix oppression. Boy, first this, and then the Korean thing. Sean, Sean, my dear Sean....

Jilian, this is like the discussion we had on here a few weeks back about sexual attraction. People were upset because folks werent responding the *correct* way when it came to matters of sexual attraction... when in fact, for whatever reason, folks are gonna find other folks hot -- or not -- out of personal choice. If I like big burly blonds with Norwegian accents hot, does that make me a racist? "veg" seems to think so. By his/her definition, I should be egalitarian in matters pornographic.

Well, sorry, but I'm not. Neither, I suspect, is "veg", because, frankly, I dont know many people who are.

So for "veg" to get all self-righteous because there arent a sufficient number of POC in something as inane as "Twinklight" is... well, ridiculous. If he/she feels slighted in some eminently forgettable pornographic film that has been aimed at a particular audience, Lord help us. Shall I get outraged when the Waynes brothers release yet another black film that makes fun of whites? I gather I'm supposed to, being the racist dinosaur I'm now labeled to be, but frankly, it's such a non-issue that I cant be bothered.

Perhaps "veg" will enlighten me on that.

I'm finding myself agreeing with Sean quite a bit in this thread.

Veg is correct that there's no POC in the flick and that gay porn is often very white (with the exception of Latinos if they're light skinned - I see a lot of that small demographic). Is that racist? Yes.

But at the same time, we need to weigh what Sean is saying without resorting to silencing techniques like name-calling and telling someone to just "shut up." What that tells me most is that the offending party couldn't come up with a good reason to dispute his points.

Does porn cater to a certain audience? Of course it does. Each subcategory of porn - whether bears, bondage, gay, big boobs, whatever - is aimed at a small category of viewers (those who are attracted to the stars). We all have our own tastes and desires.

Now, the bigger question seems to be - does the continued all-white major studio porn keep that system in place?

Would I like to see more diverse casts in porn (without resorting to all-black or all-Latino porn meant to cater to a small audience, as Veg points out above)? I would. But, again, that's my personal tastes. I find Asian guys particularly hot and would love to see more Asians; but does that step into objectifying and fetishizing Asian men or does it fall on the side of "supporting diversity"?

It's all highly subjective and worthy of discussion.

But without the name-calling and insinuations, please.

Other than the Native Americans in Twilight, I don't think there were any POC (unless they were extras in crowd scenes). On the other hand does Twinklight now mean that Interview With the Vampire is only the second gayest vampire flick ever?

I remember back in San Francisco, when I was talking to this cute guy (who happened to be black), and he asked me if I had ever been with a black guy before (I am white). When I said no but I've always wanted to, he immediately terminated the conversation. Why? I have no idea... I have always remembered that night and wondered why...

Sean, your arrogance is stupefying. As someone who has been covering the gay porn industry for the last 6 years, I agree with Veg 100% - the adult entertainment industry is one of THE most racist institutions in America. It's not as you say about segregated audiences (although that certainly is a factor.) It's about the systematic elevation of a certain ideal as the norm for what's sexy: young, hairless, semi-muscular to muscular and W-H-I-T-E. It's seen in the movies that are given awards, written about, promoted, blogged about it, which actors will perform with which stars, the way actors are paid. I could go on. In fact, it even occurs here when Bilerico writes about porn - everything they've written about - from this to the College Boys live DVD to comes with a white bias. So, until you know what you're talking about, can you do us a favor and STFU?

Thanks for your opinion porn expert but no one else has to STFU as you say. Is there racism in porn? I am sure there is some as with every other part of life and it is wrong. But the person who first brought this up was calling Sean a bigot and that is unjustifed by the comment he made. Your attitude about this is even worse! And you call Sean arrogant? This is a personal attack that is not right. You may be right about some of what you said about the porn industry but you are wrong to attack Sean for his opinion. Can you not state your view without the attack?

You're not the only one who knows something, MOC. Telling someone to shut the fuck up isn't advancing a conversation in the least - it's an attempt to silence someone else in a desperate attempt to make yourself the winner in an argument. I've seen some of your other comments on the site - and they've been thoughtful and insightful. This is beneath you.

This is the kind of thinking that is pervasive, wrong, destructive and typical of people who have absolutely zero racial sensitivity. If I expressed my frustration with poor word choice - or, as the case may be, poor acronym-age - it's because this is EXACTLY the same BS that has been a pervasive and corrosive factor not just in porn but in all aspects of society for too damn long. Oh, those colored people. They have their own porn, their own music, their own tv shows. What more do they want?? Did it ever occur to Sean - or anyone else for that matter - that the reason men of color have had to resort to the niche-ification of gay porn is because they have been historically shut out of the production and distribution systems that make integration possible and because they aren't seeing their own kind up on the screen?

But, you're right, and I apologize. I am impulsive and passionate and don't always think before I speak, er, type so let me be the first to apologize. I really love Bilerico and this community and I am beneath this kind of petty bullying.

And I guess this means I've blown my chance to interview you, Bil, for MOC.

Not at all. Let's just make sure we stay on topic instead of going off on unimportant threads that only result in hurt feelings and no listening.

Vampire porn? What's next - porn where people are violent towards one another?


Anyway, yeah, the market is racist, people can't just chalk up their racism to "taste" as if taste is something that's genetic (it ain't), and porn could be more inclusive without losing market share. But it won't because, as porn industry folks who get political microphones like Michael Lucas show us, the industry is run by racists. And it's too bad really because we're missing out.

And, yeah, bil, there won't be much in terms of tasteful, non-exotifying inclusion of asian men in porn because you're being told not to like it by the industry. That's a perfect example of how the industry works against racial inclusion that the market would reward.

scoundrel | May 28, 2010 5:31 AM

All I can say is there's a whole lot of porn out there - personally, I don't have much trouble finding porn that's a great mix of performers, both in ethnicity and in ages. While I do wish there were more asians represented, there have been no shortage of black, latino and middle eastern performers mixing it up with white performers for me. It's what I like, it's what I look for, so it's what I find. All the points about porn segregation might very well be true and this porn I have found could represent a very small percentage of the overall business. But a small percentage of the ocean is still a whole lotta water...and I just haven't had much trouble when I was in the mood for a swim.

On a non-porn related note, I have been both surprised and saddened by the amount of racism I've encountered in the gay community. Not necessarily more than in the straight community, but I think I expected there to be much less. I thought that people who'd been the victims of prejudice would be less likely to be prejudiced against others, but that hasn't appeared to have been the case - at least not in my experience.


I am really astounded at your response to me.

Sean called me "honey" and his comment was personally condescending towards me. It was he who made this personal. I never attacked him. I never told him to "shut up."

I only commented on how he sounded and I *stayed on topic* and critiqued his view of market forces.

I was speaking about the gay porn industry, both white producers *and* producers of color as I clearly said in my comment. Everyone is bigoted!

You immediately jump to Sean's side without calling out his condescension at all.

Sean openly said that what he was going to say sounded like bigotry and I said that he was exactly right.

How could you disagree that bigotry is disgusting?!

Be open to tough criticism, especially when it wasn't me who made it personal by calling me "honey."

And don't accuse someone of getting personal and being off topic unless you are going to accuse everyone.