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Watch: Amazing short film Steam

Filed By Bil Browning | May 17, 2010 12:00 PM | comments

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Be sure to check out this amazing short film, Steam, by Jewish filmmaker Eldar Rapaport. It's only 13 minutes, but the conclusion of the movie will shock you. AfterElton called it "provocative," but I call it "brilliant."

Steam.jpgA man finds himself in a steam-room wearing nothing but a towel, he is not alone. Another man is sitting next to him. After a brief encounter, the two realize that they can't find the door out. A modern take on Sartre's NO EXIT, the men, moving between anxiety, reflection, fear and finally revelation, try to decipher the meaning of the situation they are in. Where are they? How did they get here? Why? Finally, they realize their unspoken past and the devastating outcome of their actions.

Rapaport told Logo that, "I would like people to walk away a bit shell shocked, still thinking about my film, and our ideas of religion, life and death in our society." He's successful; after watching it last night right before bed, I woke up this morning thinking about it and wanting to watch it again.

Check out the full movie after the jump.

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Well, a few thoughts:

I found it interesting that on the same day I read Waymon's filing about the way straight people immediately sexualize our expressions of affection, I find this film... which puts everything in terms of a sexual encounter. There's a bit of (excuse the pun) glistening irony here.

As for the film itself... well, sorry, but meh. There's a satisfying concept rolling around in there somewhere, but it's buried under long stretches where basically nothing happens. After a while, I just lost interest and stuck with it out of sheer tenacity, not because I was really interested in who these two people are. I have worked on productions of NO EXIT. This is not NO EXIT. Sartre's play purposely built the tension with a triangle; this is trying to the same thing with a line. The big surprise ending here just felt like an interesting idea that had been only vaguely pursued -- and it puts the bulk of the film on one character. Unlike him, we're never informed as to what the other one did to merit this situation, and I consider that just sloppy.

Sorry, Bil, but I cant call this amazing. It's an semi-intruiging first draft.

Alex Grigny Alex Grigny | May 18, 2010 10:24 AM

Copyright restrictions outside USA, can't vieuw it from the Netherlands :( Is it on youtube too, does anyone know?

Passably interesting concept of rewards.

I saw this at the ImageOut film festival back in October. It won one of the short awards there. I have to say it was quite good, though it could have been a little shorter. There were periods where it seemed to drag on a bit. The story though is quite nice.