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We need straight allies to win

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Many of you know TBP contributor Adam Bink (some of his most recent work can be found here). He and I haven't always agreed, but I always listen to him when he has a thought on making sure our strategies and tactics- from 200,000 person marches to blogswarms- are well-thought out and the best action possible.

He also is our link to the straight community. Adam comes from his home blog,, which was founded in 2007 by he and a number of other folks. He's the gay contributor over there, helping agitate and organize among the straight community. In October, in the midst of working behind the scenes with the No On 1 campaign in Maine and covering it daily at OpenLeft, he asked his readers (and I asked you) to chip in so he could travel up there. His rationale was that in a straight blogopshere obsessed with health care, the No On 1 campaign was getting zero coverage with the election just a few weeks away, and on-the-ground style "reporting" would help elevate that. He was right, as more and more "straight" blogs started covering the campaign and some even worked with Adam to raise money for it.

I'm telling you about all this because we need his voice to stay. Adam and OpenLeft are facing a $12,000 budget shortfall over the next six months. He's been blogging nearly every day about Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal, ENDA and other important issues, organizing action among the straight community. He participated in our ENDA blogswarm a few weeks ago. We need that voice. LGBT issues don't get nearly the coverage as do financial reform, climate change, and the 2010 elections on straight blogs. And we aren't going to win on LGBT issues without organizing among our straight allies.

They're holding a fundraiser today to make up those operating costs. I don't ask you to give often, Projectors, so take it as a sign that I really care about his voice and our movement when I do. Please click here to chip in $5 or $10. I assure you that you'll be building our movement when you do.

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So, when a fellow-blogger needs cash you're willing to endorse "we need straight allies?"

Bil, we can't win without straight allies.

Adam Bink recently encouraged "angry protesting" and had this to say about the non-event GetEqual-Rally on Sunday:

"The patience out there is wearing thin. When you go to an LGBT rally and the tone of the rhetoric sounds like a teabagger protest, that's a serious problem. It's one this Administration shouldn't take lightly."

The White House AND the media ignored this "serious problem." Yelling at the White House isn't going to change anything.

I hope Adam can raise some cash - I know a few people are still willing to support this "crash the gates" strategy, but we don't need attention, we need results.

Judas Peckerwood | May 4, 2010 4:52 PM

"...we don't need attention, we need results."

True. And as any experienced civil rights activists knows, the key to success is to sit quietly in the corner and wait for a "fierce advocate" like Obama to act on your behalf.

Who has suggested "sitting quietly in the corner" Mr. Peckerwood?

Thanks to Bil and all of you... anything you can chip in would mean a lot.

To get to what AndrewW says above, it's not a matter of attention. We raised $1.4 million for No On 1 with straight allies, passed hate crimes with straight allies, scored a victory on getting video of the Prop 8 trial via Courage Campaign (principally a non-LGBT group), are very close to DADT repeal and ENDA passage in the House because we've asked folks to contact their member of Congress and blogswarm Pelosi's office. So attention is important, but results are better, and there has been that. I'm not someone who writes for the sake of writing. Your contribution funds campaigns like those I listed above, not just our writing.

Thank-you for clarifying Adam. The campaigns you mentioned are helpful. I wanted to be certain you weren't endorsing the bizarre GetEqual stunts.

I will help spread the word. I'm glad you are focused on "results."

the_czarina the_czarina | May 7, 2010 3:30 PM

A daily reader and infrequent commenter here, I am so glad this was brought up.

A Str8 Ally, I sometimes feel like I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get my fellow unfairly privileged friends to stop just being verbally supportive but to move their asses.
By sheer numbers, it is obvious to me how much we are needed.

And it's so good to hear we are 'wanted' once in a while:)
I admire Adam greatly (from afar:) and just donated what I could.
Thanks, Bil, for this post.