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American citizens should go back to where they came from

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I pointed out in the thread about Helen Thomas's anti-semitic comment on Jews in Palestine that it's confusing to the rest of us that she lost her job considering how much casual racism, sexism, and homophobia we have in public discourse with little response, much less retribution.

Here's but one example - Republican Arizona governor Jan Brewer says that undocumented immigrants should go back to where they came from, and they should just take their American relatives with them. "Jews should go back to where they came from" = lose your job, "Hispanics should go back to where they came from" = fine, upstanding public servant. I just can't keep up.

This seems to be a George Rekers sort of thing - since pundits and politicians know very well that they're completely racist (in general, there are some good ones), they need to beat up on someone every now and then to prove their progressive credentials. The fact that Helen Thomas criticized the American media regularly for sucking up to people in power didn't endear her to anyone.

Also, I love Brewer's defense of the rule of law. Will she be calling for the prosecution of George W. Bush, who just admitted to authorizing torture?

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